Who Is Amaury Guichon Wife: Know Everything About Her


Fiona Bergson is a Canadian model and photographer who has worked with Amaury Guichon. This article gives you all of the information about this lady. Fiona Bergson is a well-known model and the wife of renowned chef Amaury Guichon. The pair is quite well-known and works very hard to achieve their goals. It appears that Bergson endorses Amaury’s efforts since she serves as his manager.

Bergson is also a very talented photographer. In fact, she has worked with some big names in the fashion industry. Bergson’s work has appeared in magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. She has also graced the covers of these magazines. Bergson’s work is not just limited to fashion photography. She has also done some great work with food photography.

Her work often captures the candid moments that occur while cooking. This allows her to show off her skills as a photographer. Bergson has been featured in many publications, but she is most well-known for her work with Amaury Guichon. The two have worked together on numerous occasions and their work has been featured in some of the biggest publications in the world.

Bergson is a very successful model and photographer, but she is also very down to earth. This is evident in the way she interacts with her fans. She is always willing to take pictures with them and answer any questions they may have.

Bergson is a true professional and this is evident in her work. She has a true passion for what she does and this shows in her photos. Bergson is a very talented woman and she has a lot to offer the world of photography. We hope to see more of her work in the future. Who Is Amaury Guichon Wife: Know Everything About Her.

Amaury Guichon Wife Fiona Bergson

Fiona Bergson is the wife of Amaury Gaichon. She was born in France in 1995 and now works as a freelance photographer and model. Fiona also has an interest in tattoos, having half of her body tattooed.

The Imperial Tattoo Connexion Shop is owned by the model, who specializes in tattoos. Fiona is a Swiss-born model and the wife of French chef Amaury Guichon. She began dating the chef in 2017, and they married in 2021. They are currently enjoying life without having any children.

Fiona Bergson Age: How Old Is She?

Fiona Bergson, age 27, began her career when she was 16 years old. Fiona’s birthday is on April 1st. She currently resides in Las Vegas with her husband. Some modeling firms have employed her as a model. She runs her husband’s pastry school, as well as a modeling and photography business, along with her bakery. She is actively involved in the firm and works as a director.

Fiona Bergson Wikipedia Details

Fiona is famous for her husband’s Wikipedia profiles. She has modeled for firms, done photography, and established a tattoo shop. She received excellent grades in college, and she is intelligent. Amaury was her boyfriend for a few years before they got married.

Guichon is a well-known Netflix chef who began experimenting with baking at the age of 13. People may refer to him as an artist rather than a chef because he makes stunning art out of pastry.

He also gained a lot of respect and fans from his profession, which inspired him to start an institution to teach others.

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Fiona Bergson Net worth and Instagram

Fiona Bergson has a net worth of $700,000 and is active on Instagram. She derives from a variety of sources and can live a comfy existence with that money. Her tattoo shop, her husband’s firm, modeling, and even taking photographs are all avenues to make money.

She also has a presence on Instagram and Facebook. Her social media handles provide her with a source of income. You can discover her under the handle fionaguichon. She has around 42.9K followers on Instagram and about 6,600 people follow her on Facebook.

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