Is Alyssa Nakken Married To Robert Abel In 2022?

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Alyssa Nakken is the first woman to have a full-time coaching position in Major League Baseball, married to Robert Abel. The following are some of her key personal information: Alyssa Nakken is a San Francisco Giants (MLB) female baseball coach.

She is the first full-time female Major League Baseball (MLB) coach, as well as the first to coach on the field during a game.

Before joining the Giants, Alyssa was the University of South Florida’s chief information officer. Nakken was also a Sacramento State softball player. From 2009 through 2012, she played first base for the Sacramento State Hornets. Is Alyssa Nakken Married To Robert Abel In 2022?

Is Alyssa Nakken Married To Robert Abel?

Alyssa Nakken is married to Robert Abel, the first woman to have a full-time coaching position in Major League Baseball. According to, their wedding took place on November 19, 2021.

Based on their physical appearances, Alyssa and Robert appear to be roughly 2 to 5 years apart in age. Alyssa is 31 years old and was born on June 13, 1990 in Woodland, California. There are no additional details about Robert’s birth or age available at this time.

Does Alyssa Nakken Have Kids?

Alyssa Nakken and her husband, Robert Abel, do not appear to have any children together. When it comes to her personal life, she is very discreet.

Her Instagram account is also private since she does not want the rest of the world to know about her personal life. Robert, on the other hand, shares photographs and updates his Instagram followers on a regular basis.

At the time of writing, he had about 2.4k followers on Twitter as “coach Robertabel.” The pair must be thinking about starting a family soon.

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Alyssa Nakken Net Worth

Alyssa Nakken is expected to have a net worth of around $1 million as a head coach. Baseball training may be quite profitable.

Nakken has worked in the sports industry for many years, and she understands how to make money with her approaches. Alyssa has earned a significant sum of money due to her numerous income streams; nevertheless, she prefers to live modestly.

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