All Star Tower Defense Codes (Oct 2022): Free Gems And Gold


All star tower defense type is a game which is very popular on Roblox. Moreove, the game offers a large variety of characters from protagonists to villains, and One Piece to Demon Slayer characters. The goal of the game is to get as far as possible in the story or to get on the leaderboard for Infinite Mode. In most cases, these All Star Tower Defense cheats give you at least 100 or 150 gems, enough for two or more hero summons. If you’re new to the game, it’s a good idea to spend your Gems as fast as possible on as many spins as you can.

All-star tower defense codes are a great way to get more rolls and try for superior units, especially if you’re new to the game. New codes emerge on a regular basis, and it’s well worth your time to revisit once a month or after large updates in order to see what perks you can earn.

The earlier sections of the game are made much easier to manage when you have at least one four-star character. Once you’ve acquired at least one four-star character, don’t be afraid to play with your three-stars a little more. They’re primarily used to boost the power of other characters as you advance through the story. All Star Tower Defense Codes (Oct 2022): Free Gems And Gold.

Active All Star Tower Defense codes

Some codes are only valid on VIP or private servers, and we’ve noted which ones they are below:

Hooray50k400 Gems (NEW!)
1millikes650 Gems and EXP IV
ASTDDragonoidBakuganDragonoid Mount

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All Star Tower Defense expired codes

NavyXFlame130kNoLeak – 500 Gems and Omega Rare!!! EXP IV
ASTDDevs – 500 Gems, 500 Gold, and EXP IV
1mgroupmembers – 800 Gems and 800 Gold
themadao – 1000 Gems, 750 Gold, and 1 EXP IV
superwoop – 400 gems
ultramove – Ultra Capsule
astd1millikes – 1,250 Gems
congratulations2kingluffy300ksubscribersonyoutube300k – Mega Rare Character
novemberupdate – 300 Gems, 500 Gold
igot2look – 250 Gems, 250 Gold
100ksubnavyxflame – 300 Gems, and Ultra Koku Black
winterbreakwhen – 250 Gems and 250 Gold
astdx2022 – 1,000 Gold, 500 Gems, and Ice Queen
merrychristmas2k21 – 1,000 Gold, 1,000 Gems, and EXP IV
KingLuffyFan200k – Ultra Rare King Ruffy
thecityofangels – 250 Gems, 250 Gold
world2ishere – 500 Gold and 300 Gems
world2comingsoon – 250 Gold and 250 Gems
eatlotsonthanksgiving – 300 Gems, 500 Gold
december2021 – 500 Gold and 300 Gem
lateupdatendat – 200 Gems
somemorenewcoode – 150 Gems
ohmahgawdskill – 150 Gems
isitthenewerayet – 150 Gems
helloworld2021 – 150 Gems
SUBTOBLAMSPOT100kBOA – Ms. Love (Boa Hancock)
quickshut – 150 Gems
lieawake – 150 Gems
shotofmemories – 150 Gems
smoothcriminal2 – 150 Gems
yellowsix – 150 Gems
jahajha – 150 Gems
tysmfor1mfavorite – 750 Gems, 750 Gold, EXP III
lovetofightastd – 150 Gems
hchgaming – 150 Gems
updatebelike – 50 Gems
subtome – 80 Gems
thisisthenewestcode – 150 Gems
quickshut – 100 Gems
gameon2021 – 500 Gems
subinferman – 50 Gems
incredibledayum – 50 Gems
bigtim – 50 Gems
pert – 50 Gems
epicnew – 50 Gems
rainmen – 50 Gems
fruit – 550 Gems, 500 Gold, and two EXP III
Update53021 – 50 Gems, 300 Gold, and EXP III
lovetobrazil – 150 Gems
addnewunitstobannerfix – 150 Gems
2021memorialday2021x – 150 Gems

How to redeem All Star Tower Defense codes

Redeeming All Star Tower Defense codes is straightforward. Look for the gear symbol in the lower right corner and then touch it to input your code. It’s big and hard to miss. After that, you may collect your rewards.

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