70+ cool anime names for boys and girls and their actual meanings


These are some of the coolest, most unique and popular anime names you can give to your children.

List of cute anime names. Look out the below list and find some anime name for your baby girl or boy.

Anime character names

  • Arata – It means ‘new and fresh’ in Japanese as per its kanji script. It means “plow” in Italian.
  • Ash – The word is derived from English origin, Ash means “of the ash tree.” It also reminds us of Ash Ketchum from ‘Pokémon.’
  • Alex – It has a Greek origin, which means “defender of man.” It gained popularity due to Alex Louis Armstrong from ‘Full metal Alchemist.’
  • Akane – This Japanese name means “deep red” or “brilliant red.” Akane Hino was one of the fire wielders in Smile Precure.
  • Betzalel – Originating from Hebrew, this name means ‘In God’s shadow.’
  • Bashira – This Arabic name means ‘Joyful’ and ‘a predictor of good news.’
  • Benjiro – Benjiro has a Japanese origin, which means “enjoy peace.”
  • Captain – Defined by grit, this powerful English name means ‘commander’
  • Cashe – Derived from the Old French word casse, meaning ‘case,’ Cashe is a metonymic type of occupational surname.
  • Cygnus – This name of Latin origin means “swan,” belonging to Cynus Hyoga from ‘Saint Seiya.’
  • Dai – This name of Welsh origin means “large” or “to shine,” A Japanese anime video game series is called ‘Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai.’
  • Elric – This name of English origin, meaning “king” from Elric brothers, a great middle anime name for a boy.
  • Duke – Duke in Latin means ‘leader.’
  • Etsuko – A name of Japanese origin that denotes “joy”
  • Erembour – This name, with English origin, refers to a character from mythology who rides shadows.’
  • Fumio – This Japanese name means ‘scholarly hero.’
  • Haruo – This distinctive Japanese name means ‘a man of spring’.
  • Hiroshi – This Japanese name means “tolerant, generous” or “prosperous.” He is an anatomical model from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge.
  • Hiashi – This Japanese name means “long-lived,” belonging to Hiashi Hyuga from ‘Naruto.’
  • Ichigo – This name of Japanese origin means “strawberry” from the popular male anime characters from ‘Bleach.’
  • Itachi – A name of Japanese origin means “weasel,” and is one of the most popular cool anime characters in the history of anime.
  • Jiro – Jiro in Japanese means ‘second son’.
  • Kaito – Kaito in Japanese means ‘ocean’, ‘sea’ ‘fly.’ He is the main protagonist in the manga and anime franchise Magic Kaito.
  • Kenshiro – Kenshiro means “smart and cheerful samurai” in Japanese. He is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Fist of the North Star manga series.
  • Kouta – Kouta in Japanese means “peace.” Kouta Oyamada is the protagonist of ‘Kanokon.’
  • Kyouko – Kyouko in Japanese means ‘respectful’. Kyoko Sakura is a fictional character from the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Light – This name of Greek origin means “white,” He is the protagonist Light Yagami in ‘Death Note.’

Anime names derived from shadows

  • Levi – This name of Hebrew origin means “joined together.” He is the strongest character from the anime ‘Attack On Titan.’
  • Masashi – This Japanese name means “commander,’ belonging to Masashi Kishimoto, creator of ‘Naruto.’
  • Noburu – This Japanese name means “expand” from ‘Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora.’
  • Osamu – Osamu in Japanese means “discipline.” Osamu Tezuka is the writer of the ‘Buddha’Series.
  • Ryuu – Ryu in Japanese means ‘dragon’. Ryu Hayabusa is a fictional character who serves as the main protagonist of Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden video game series.
  • Rio – This name of Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese origin means “place of the cherry blossoms” or ‘river.’ Rio Rollins, a popular casino dealer of anime television series Rio: Rainbow Gate!
  • Seiji – This name of Japanese origin means “lawful. Seiji Amasawa is a character from the film ‘Whisper of the Heart’.
  • Shinichi – This name of Japanese origin means “one truth.” He is the protagonist of the anime ‘Parasyte Maxim.’
  • Shin – In Japanese, Shin means “new,” ‘real.’ Shin Wolford is the main character of Kenja no Mago.
  • Shouta – Shouta is a Japanese meaning ‘soaring’, or ‘big.’ Shouta Magatsuchi is a supporting character in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.

You must have a favourite anime name character if you watch anime. Maybe you even like the character enough to name your child after him.

  • Sora – Sora is a Japanese name and a fictional character and the main protagonist of Disney and Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts video game series. It means ‘sky.’
  • Taro – This Japanese name means ‘big boy.’ Taro Sado is a masochist character in the novel series MM. He is a Wolf FangDruid in Shopping District 8 in anime Taro.
  • Toshiro – Toshiro means ‘intelligent’ or ‘talented’ in Japanese.
  • Takashi – Takashi means ‘noble’ or ‘prosper’ in Japanese.
  • Tadashi – Tadashi means ‘loyal/proper’ in Japanese.
  • Ushio – Ushio means ‘tide’ in Japanese. Ushio Aotsuki is a character in Ushio anime.
  • Nizhalgal: A shadow that is similar to someone else
  • Tirich: A shadow of darkness, a valley from Mulkow

Below are some of our favorite and most original anime names for your baby boy.

  • Wazuki – Wazuki means ‘peace’ or ‘serenity’ in Japanese.
  • Umito – In Japanese, Umito means ‘ocean/sea.’
  • Wataru – This Japanese name means to ‘cross over or navigate.’
  • Yasu – This Japanese name means ‘calm.’
  • Yoshi – This Japanese means ‘good’ or ‘righteous.’
  • YuYu – YuYu means ‘gentle’ or ‘superior’ or ‘distant’ in Japanese. Yu Yu Hakusho is a Japanese manga series.
  • Zensuke – The Japanese name Zensuke means ‘good friend.’
  • Zempei – This Japanese name means ‘good soldier.’

Cute girls Anime names

  • Chiaki: sparkling light
  • Ayane: wonderful
  • Rina: white jasmine
  • Kyouko: respectful
  • Saika: colorful flower
  • Chiaki: sparkling light

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