Zubear Abdi Wiki: Why He Leaked Taylor Swift’s AI Photos?

Zubear Abdi is the guy who leaked AI pictures of singer Taylor Swift on ‘X‘ account who could be charged for this unethical behavior. On 25 January 2024, Zvbear made his ‘X’ account private after receiving harsh criticism for sharing sexual AI-generated Taylor Swift photographs.

The action undoubtedly garnered more attention than expected, with ‘Swifties’ and social media users mass reporting it. Taylor Swift‘s camp is reportedly considering bringing suit the person who did it.

Why Zubear Explicit Taylor’s Photos?

Zvbear account is full of controversial of different celebrities. He joined X in March 2020. He has 83K followers on his ‘X’ account. His account is full of controversial posts and comments about various celebrities, often sparking heated debates among his followers.

People are drawn to his ‘X’ account to see what new controversies he will stir up next, making it a popular and contentious platform in the online celebrity gossip world.

Who Is Zubear Abdi?

Zubear Abdi was born in 1997. He is 27 years old, in 2024. He holds Somalian nationality. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada. He is famous for posting risqué content on platforms like 4chan, ‘X’ and Reddit. He did his graduation from University of Toronto Scarborough.

Is it a trend or an inspiration?

After Taylor released provocative photos, the reaction of users affected her privacy and security. Sexuality photos have victimised others than Taylor Swift. Other celebrities including Ice Cube, Steve Harvey, Andrew Tate and others have similar scandals. The controversy revolves around Celeb Jihad, a notorious website that specializes in creating and distributing explicit deepfake content featuring famous celebrities.


This incident has caused a debate about the moral decay in society and the need for stricter laws and punishments. Many are outraged and demanding justice for the victims.

After the incident, Zubear Abdi’s account has a significant decrease in its follower count by several thousand. Despite this setback, the account remains operational, even with its privacy settings adjusted to private mode.

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