Zakhar Navalny: Son of Alexei Navalny and Yulia

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Zakhar Navalny is the son of Alexei Navalny and Yulia Navalny. He was born on September 6, 2008 and is the youngest of his sister, Daria. His parents are prominent political figures in Russia known for their activism and outspoken criticism of the government.

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Being only a teenager, Zakhar has already shown an interest in following in his parents’ footsteps, often joining them at protests and rallies. As he grows older, Zakhar is likely to play a significant role in shaping the future of Russian politics carrying on the legacy of his parents’ fight for transparency and democracy.

Who Is Zakhar Navalny: His age and family

Zakhar Navalny age is 16 years old, as of 2024. His nickname is Zozo. He was born in Butyn, Odintsovsky District, Moscow Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. His father died on 16 February 2024 (aged 47) FKU IK-3, Kharp, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia. He has a sister named, Daria Navalnaya, a social media influencer.

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He is of Russian and Ukrainian descent. His grandfather was from Zalissia, a former village near the Belarusian border that was relocated due to the Chernobyl disaster in Ivankiv Raion, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine.

He grew up in Obninsk, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) southwest of Moscow, but spent his childhood summers with his grandmother in Ukraine, acquiring proficiency in the Ukrainian language.

His grandparents, Anatoly Navalny and Lyudmila Navalnaya owned and operated a basket-weaving industry in Kobyakovo, Vologda Oblast, beginning in 1994. In 2012, they were still in charge of the factory.

Zakhar Navalny’s mother

Zakhar Navalny’s mother, gained fame in Russia as a blogger and opposition politician after 2007. She started off as her husband’s first secretary and helper.

The public’s interest in the family’s existence increased significantly, placing Navalnaya in the public eye as the “first lady of the Russian opposition”. According to her mother, Putin will be ‘held accountable’, if her husband is confirmed dead. She said,

‘I don’t know whether to believe or not this terrible news that we only receive from Russian government sources. For many years we cannot trust Putin and the Putin government. They always lie. But if this is true, I want Putin and everyone around him to know that they will be held accountable for everything they did to our country, to my family. And this day will happen very soon.’


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