Who Is Zack Bonfilio From Texas?

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Zack Bonfilio, a native of Texas, has been criticized for making offensive comments on TikTok.

After his main page, ‘Misfit Patriot’ was blocked, Zack created several TikTokaccounts. All of Zack’s pages have been removed from the platform.

Zack was removed from TikTok but his videos that contained the offensive remarks have been posted on Twitter.

Who Is Zack Bonfilio?

Multiple online reports claimthat Zack is in the tile business with American Tile and Remodelling. However, it seems that all his online profiles have been deleted.

It appears Zack is in his 30s or 40s based on his appearance.

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It is unclear what kind of videos this Texas man created before his offensive comments made them viral. His TikTok has been deleted, but any of his videos can still be found on the internet.

Based on his username and other information, it seems that Zack is not uncommon to voice his opinion about controversial topics related to culture and society.


Zack Bonfilio Height & Weight

How tall is Zack Bonfilio? He stands tall with a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 76 kilos. He is a fitness freak as well.

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Zack Bonfilio and N-Word

Zack was able to make it big on the internet due to another TikToker, That Danesh Guy. Internet users have called him a racist after watching his videos.

Danesh shared several videos in which he commented on race. One video, shared on Facebook shows Danesh using the n word multiple times and claiming that he is not racist.

Zack continues to claim that Zack is stretching the racism issue by saying, “You guys are stretching it by the way.” He then uses the n-word multiple more times. Zack claims that he grew up in a group of black friends and that he doesn’t care if he uses the n-word multiple times.

Zack seems to be trying to wage war against TikTokers such as Danesh @auntkaren LanceTsosie @tizzyvent, GoodTrouble. He has repeatedly referred them to him , claiming that he “won’t be bullied” and that he’s not a “racist”.

Zack created videos under the alias Jack Fondilio , where he created similar videos and set up his status on Facebook.

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