Meet Lisa Wilson, Zach Wilson’s Mother

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Lisa Wilson is best known as the mother of Zach Wilson. Moreover, the broadcast cut to the usual shot in the green room when Zach Wilson was taken second overall in 2021’s NFL Draft. Zach Wilson was ecstatic for the camera, surrounded by friends and family at the time. Zach Wilson has recently been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. It’s also worth noting that Zach Wilson comes from a difficult background. He was raised by a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. Meet Lisa Wilson, Zach Wilson’s New Girlfriend.

Lisa Wilson: Zach Wilson’s Mother

Zach’s mother is Lisa Wilson, who last year made headlines after she lashed out at critics who criticized her for allowing her son’s poor performance against the New Orleans Saints on social media. In December 2021, after a critic sent her a message saying: “Your son SUCKS as QB hahaha.” She fired back, “People like you make me sad. You must have been hurt at some time in your life. I pray you can find happiness.”


Lisa is not only Zach’s mother, but also a social media influencer who has two Instagram accounts. The account @wilsonohana has over 9k followers, and the second one is called simply lifeaccording2lisa and has over 100k followers. “Learn how to balance marriage, parenting, and family while still having a successful career,” reads the bio of lifeaccording2lisa. She runs, which she also owns.

She used to be married to Michael Wilson from 1997 until his death in 2004, and she has three sons and two daughters with Zach. Last year in March, Leonie wished her spouse for their 24 years of marriage on Instagram.

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Zach Wilson Drama Explained

According to his ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile, he had sex with his mother’s best friend. Wilson and Gile dated for less than a year before calling it quits earlier this year, while Utah Valley University student Dax Milne went on to date Wilson’s college roommate and Washington Commanders wide receiver. Wilson was also his college teammate and wide receiver for the Washington Commanders.

Meanwhile, Wilson’s mother, influencer Lisa Neeleman Wilson, uploaded an emotional nearly 30-minute-long Instagram video on Sunday decrying the dangers of social media and internet predators. Instead of dealing with her son’s problem, she addressed the anguish she experienced when her daughter turned against her and hated her because “satan” was guiding social media.


“I full-on thought that I had mastered parenting … I was like, ‘I’m freakin’ badass, I have a kid in the NFL,’” she said, saying she was “in denial” of their lives online. “Guys, you need to take back your title as parent … You’re in charge of these beautiful babies, and I failed horribly,” she said of a “sneaky a–hole” who messaged dark porn to her daughter.

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