Viral ‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now!’ meme explained

In 2021, a plethora of hilarious new memes will have taken off. Anakin and Padme, Marie Callender Burnt Pie and Bernie Sanders attended Biden’s Inauguration this year, among other things.

Another big one is ‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now!’ which sounds far more morbid than it actually is.

Where does the meme actually come from? Lets explore its origins.

Viral ‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now!’ meme explained

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably seen the ‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now!’ meme pop up a lot on your feed over the last year.

The meme is a photo of a man, who is actually popular YouTuber Low Tier God, surrounded by lightning.

Next to his face, it says the title of the meme: “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!”

The photoshopped image first emerged on Discord, but where did it come from?

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‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now!’ Origin

The meme is based on Dalawan Sparrow’s (aka Low Tier God) live streams. Street Fighter is a competitive video game franchise from Japan.

During a Super Smash Bros stream in April 2021, he said the phrase ‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now!’ to the other player and it got turned into a viral meme.

It quickly spread across the internet and began being used to react to things on social media.

Low Tier God Banned From Capcom Events

Capcom banned Low Tier God from all Capcom-related activities until further notice shortly before the tirade. This followed a video of him making disparaging remarks about another streamer.

The clip was not linked to the ‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now!’ rant and involved a separate incident with streamer CeroBlast who had recently come out as non-binary.

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