Wyatt Bennett Age | How Old Is He In 2023?

Wyatt Bennett is a popular YouTuber and social media sensation. With millions of followers across multiple platforms, he has created a massive fanbase. He consistently posts engaging and entertaining content, which has helped him to grow his following exponentially. He is the second son and the fourth child in the Bennett family, a clan of vloggers who share their experiences on the YouTube channel The Ohana Adventure channel. Along with the other members of the Bennett family, he have built a large following of loyal viewers who enjoy watching their videos and following their lives. His family YouTube channel, ‘The Ohana Adventure’ has 3.88 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Some of his popular YouTube videos are, Saying GOODBYE to our DAUGHTER, Rykel emotional, I tried breaking my SON’s Emotional BOND as BROTHERS!, EXTREME Hide & Seek in One COLOR! (CAMOUFLAGE), SNEAKING into FAMOUS youtuber MANSION….While they are THERE!, We ADOPTED a New SISTER! emotional, We found the House! Buying a HOUSE in another COUNTRY!, Saying Goodbye to Klailea For 18 Months… emotional and many more.

Wyatt Bennett Age

Wyatt Bennett was born on August 6, 2008 in Hawaii. He is 14 years old, as of 2023. His mother name is, Rachel and father named, Jase. He has five siblings, four sisters named Rykel, Klai, Evelin, and Cora, and one brother, Shae.


In addition to YouTube, the Wyatt family is highly visible on ‘The Ohana Adventure’ blog and Instagram account. He has shared several pictures with his younger brother Shae Bennett on the handle @wyattrbennett.


In addition to YouTube, he and his family also appear on The Ohana Adventure blog and Instagram account. His Instagram ‘wyattrbennett’ has featured multiple photos with his brother Shae Bennett.

Why Is Wyatt Bennett So Famous?

Wyatt Bennett is adventurous, fun and has a superbly charming personality. He loves to make people laugh, and his infectious laughter can spread from room to room. He is also a great listener, offering advice or words of encouragement whenever needed.


He is highly ambitious and always strives to reach his goals. He puts in the hard work to achieve success, never giving up until it’s done right.

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