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When is Japanese Movie ‘Hiraite’ Coming: Cast, Crew & Plot Explored

Japanese Movie ‘Hiraite’ is based on novel “Hiraite” by Risa Wataya which was published on July, 2012 by Shinchosha.

Hiraite Movie Profile

Movie: Hiraite

Romaji: Hiraite

Japanese: ひらいて

Director: Rin Shuto

Writer: Risa Wataya (novel), Rin Shuto



Release Date: October 22, 2021

Runtime: 121 min.

Distributor: Showgate

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Hiraite Cast & Crew

Anna Yamada – Ai Kimura
Ryuto Sakuma – Tatoe Nishimura
Haruka Imou – Miyuki Shindo
Hiroshi Yamamoto – Okanoya
Aoba Kawai – Fujitani
Akari Kinoshita – Moriya
Yuka Itaya – Yoriko Kimura
Misako Tanaka – Izumi Shindo
Masato Hagiwara – Takashi Nishimura

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Hiraite Plot Explored

Ai (Anna Yamada) is a high school student in the 3rd grade. She’s well-liked among her classmates and is also an academic achiever. Tatoe, her fellow classmate, has a hidden crush on her. Since the first grade of high school, Ai has been attracted to him for his mysterious side and brains. One day, Ai sees Tatoe reading a letter and becomes interested in him again. Miyuki suffers from diabetes and is the sender of the letter. Aware that Tatoe and Miyuki are in a romantic relationship behind everyone’s back, Ai approaches her as though nothing was wrong.

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