When does Spotify Wrapped 2021 come out?

It’s that time of year again, when music fans around the world look forward to finding out which of their Spotify picks have been wrapped with its in-app feature, Wrapped. So, when will Spotify Wrapped be available in 2021?

Spotify has delighted its listeners with Wrapped, a unique in-app experience that recognizes the music and podcasts you’ve streamed the most throughout the previous year, every year since 2017.

When does Spotify Wrapped 2021 come out?

You’ve been waiting a long time for Spotify Wrapped 2021, and you’re wondering when it’s coming out. You might be thinking about using different music streaming services or downloading songs illegally instead. But don’t give up on Spotify yet!

The good news is that we’ll be launching Spotify Wrapped in 2020! Keep reading to find out why the wait is worth it.

Listen Up: The 4 Biggest Improvements Coming in Spotify Wrapped 2021

Here’s our quick list of how we’re planning to make your life better with the new version of Spotify Wrapped:

New and Improved Personalised Year-End Charts

Everyone at Spot On Track is very excited about the improvements we’re planning to rolling out for Spotify Wrapped 2021. We’re going to take a look into our crystal ball and see what we can learn about you from your listening that will help us create more personalised charts for the year-end wrap up! Everyone loves getting a gift, especially when it’s one that was specifically picked out by someone you know. In Spotify Wrapped 2021, we’ll make sure you feel extra special by letting you know how much of an expert in music you are. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to get a notification about the launch of this new feature!

Interactive Year-End Charts

Not only will everyone at Spot On Track be able to view the new and improved year-end charts, but they’ll also have interactive components too! Spotify Wrapped 2021 now gives you the ability to view not only charts based on the number of streams, but also how many minutes of music users listened to.

If your goal was to listen to at least one song every day in 2019, Spotify Wrapped 2021 will make it easier for you to check off all 365 days! Timeflies really helped me get through this last year.

Social Media Feat

Some people like sharing their favourite songs and playlists with their friends on Facebook and Twitter… but we want more people than that! For example, did you know that there’s a group on Facebook called “Spotify Fans”? We think Spotify Fans would love it if everyone shared their top 10 lists from Spotify Wrapped 2021! If you’re not already a member of the group, what are you waiting for? Join today!

When does Spotify Wrapped come out?

Spotify Wrapped is now out for 2021. It released on 1 December, as it did in 2020.

The official Spotify Wrapped launch date was 1 December 2020. While it is not known when the complete version will be ready, several features have been added in updates since its launch:

Custom Year-End Charts

In May 2018, a feature that allows users to create custom year-end charts for their own personal use became available to Premium users only.

It was later released to all listeners in April 2019 after a planned June release was delayed by a month to fix a bug with offline streaming.

Number of Streams vs Minutes Played

In January 2019, this new parameter for viewing charts was made available as an option alongside number of streams and number of tracks played by Premium subscribers only.

The ability to view the latter two charts for free was added in April 2019 after a planned June release was delayed by a month to fix a bug with offline streaming.

Social Sharing

In April 2019, the ability to share year-end charts on social media became available to listeners who did not subscribe to Spotify Premium after a planned June release was delayed by a month due to the above bug being fixed.

This feature’s availability is limited to “Spotify Fans” Facebook group members and Twitter followers.

In all cases, Spotify said that its updates were based on user feedback and submitted ideas from its communities.

How can I see my Spotify Wrapped?

If you head to the Spotify Wrapped website it says “2021 Wrapped is ready” and tells people to head to their Spotify app to see it. Once you open up the Spotify app, go to the main menu and select “Your Stuff”. Underneath “Playlists”, select “Spotify Wrapped”.

From there, you should be able to view your personal year-in-review. It includes your top artists, songs and genres of the year, as well as how much time you spent streaming in total. You can also see a list of all the different playlists you made throughout the year.

If you want to see how your listening habits compare to other people, scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Compare Yourself”. Here, you can see how many minutes of music were streamed around the world in 2021. You can also compare your stats to last year’s, as well as see how you rank among your Spotify friends.

You can also view a video overview of your year-in-review by clicking on the image in the top-left corner.

I didn’t listen to music every day this year – will my Wrapped still be accurate?

Yes! Your Wrapped will be based on the total minutes of music you streamed throughout the year, no matter how many days you actually listened to music.

Can I share my Spotify Wrapped with someone else?

Yes! If you scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Share Your Results”, you can share your Wrapped on social media or by copying and pasting a link. You can also email it to a friend or post it on your blog.

If you’re a member of the “Spotify Fans” Facebook group, you can also share your results in the group. Just head to the group page, click on the “Share Your Results” tab and select the social media platform you want to use. You can also choose to include a message with your results.

How do I see someone else’s Spotify Wrapped?

If you want to see someone else’s Wrapped, all you need is their Spotify username. Enter their name into the search bar at the top of the page and hit “Enter”. From there, you can scroll through their results or click on the image to watch their video overview.

You can also compare your stats to theirs by clicking on the “Compare Yourself” tab at the bottom of the page.

Spotify has just released its annual Spotify Wrapped feature, which celebrates users’ personal listening habits over the past year.

Since it was first released in December 2012, Spotify Wrapped has become an eagerly anticipated tradition for the music streaming service’s global audience.

Each year, the website and app are updated with new features that allow listeners to see how much time they spent streaming different artists, songs and genres.

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