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Walker Scobell Wiki, Bio, Parents, Height, Weight, Facts

Walker Scobell is a well known actor who blew us away with his audition tapes for the role of Percy. Many of you have just discovered how wonderful Walker is after watching his film The Adam Project, in which he played Ryan Reynolds’ character when he was younger.

We were lucky enough to audition Walker months before the movie came out, yet it only confirmed what we already knew about his talent. It was clear to me and the rest of the team that Walker had the right combination of comedic timing, sweetness, disobedience, snark, and bravery to play our hero Percy Jackson. He is a well known and famous actor. Walker Scobell Wiki, Bio, Parents, Height, Weight, Facts.

Walker Scobell Wiki, Bio

Aside from being a rising star, Walker is also a huge fan of the books, having read them all through The Trials of Apollo. He already owns a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt, as you can see in the photo above.


He had no idea I was going to be on this Zoom call. He had no idea the call was about him getting the role. The shirt was just his way of expressing his enthusiasm for the series, and that astonishment on his face is genuine.

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Walker Scobell Profile

Real NameWalker Scobell
Age13 years old
BirthdateJanuary 6, 2009
Height5 feet 1 inches
Weight48 Kg
Net Worth$1 million

Walker Scobell Career

We’ve been acquainted with Walker and his wonderful family since January. He even flew to California for a chemistry reading in February, accompanied by Annabeth’s incredible New York Yankees cap, which he had made his father buy for him while they were in New York City. This kid knows what he’s talking about.


Since then, we’ve seen Walker do several chemistry readings with candidates for our other two leads, Annabeth and Grover, and I felt it was time to introduce you to our Percy! We’re thrilled about the Scobells coming to Vancouver full-time this summer and continuing to build on the committed, supportive, and energetic community that is quickly emerging around this project.


Walker Scobell Facts

  • There’s a lot of excitement in the air; you could cut it with a Celestial bronze sword.
  • Walker is a big skateboarder and skier, and he’s ecstatic to be moving to Vancouver so he can start practicing swordplay, breathing underwater, and other daring deeds.
  • I’m glad he’s doing all of that, but I’ll be there cheering him on every step of the way.
  • More news soon, demigods, but please give Walker a huge Camp Half-Blood welcome.
  • He is going to go above and beyond whatever you were expecting from the show’s first line.

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