Vinnie Hacker Birthday: Career And Girlfriend Explored

Vinnie Hacker Birthday: Career And Girlfriend Explored
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Vinnie Hacker, a popular TikTok personality, was born in 2020 and has over 13 million followers on the video-sharing site, slightly more than 5 million Instagram followers, and roughly 722.4K Twitter followers.

He is known for his lip-syncing and selfie-style videos, which frequently include his friends and family or display off his numerous tattoos.

With the recent premiere of Hype House on Netflix — a reality series about the renowned social media community by the same name — viewers are starting to get a better look at Vinnie, who joined the content group in January 2021.

Even with a growing follower base every day, there’s still plenty more to learn about Vinnie aside from his TikTok presence. Vinnie Hacker Birthday: Career And Girlfriend Explored.

Vinnie Hacker Early Life

Vinnie was born on July 14, 2002, in Seattle, Washington, where he went to school at O’Dea High School and played on the baseball team.

He also played for the city of Seattle Select Baseball Club, one of the state’s top youth leagues.

Vinnie Hacker Clothing Brand

In 2020, Vinnie launched Purgatory, a brand that specializes in sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, and caps. The lines are prone to selling out in under 24 hours. The brand will have its first pop-up shop in Los Angeles on January 15th.

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Vinnie Hacker Sway Gaming

In July 2020, Vinnie became a part of Sway Gaming, a spin-off of the famous social media group Sway House.

In the field of gaming and esports, Sway Gaming prioritized social media celebrities cooperating. Vinnie resigned from the group on TikTok in January 2021. He subsequently joined Hype House.

Vinnie Hacker Modeling Agency

Vinnie is represented by the Seattle-based agency SMG Model Management. His Instagram feed includes a few professional images taken by big photographers.

He was rumored to be dating fellow TikTok star Faith Ordway

In November 2020, Vinnie and Faith Ordway sparked relationship rumors after sharing a TikTok kiss. Vinnie’s fans started blasting Faith on social media, pointing to previously published posts in which she made racial epithets and other abusive remarks.

Mercurial Mouse (TikTok Star) Girlfriend And Career

After facing criticism, Faith apologized for her actions in a series of now-removed tweets, and it appears their romance with each other came to an end.

“I’ll fly home and just quit the job I love, and stop seeing someone who I like since it’s caused issues,” she wrote. “I care more about Vinnie and his image than my own, so I’ll dip because you’re bringing him issues.”

Vinnie made a brief statement on the situation.

His brother Reggie Hacker also has a significant TikTok following. Despite having a larger number of followers (155K) and likes (nearly 1.3 million), Reggie posts far less frequently than his older brother, @reggieisahacker (13.9K followers).

Vinnie Hacker Twitch Streamer

Vinny has 725,000 followers on the gaming platform Twitch. He frequently updates his Twitter feed, including a 144-hour broadcast in recent weeks.


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