Tara A. Caan (James Caan’s Daughter) Age, Siblings, Parents, Husband

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Tara A. Caan is best known as the daughter of, Dee Jay Mathis and James Caan. In addition to this, Caan married four times. He married Dee Jay Mathis, in 1961 and they divorced in 1966. They had a daughter, Tara (born 1964). Her father, James Caan was an American actor. He came to prominence playing Sonny Corleone in The Godfather (1972). In 1978, he received a motion pictures star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Find more about, Tara A. Caan (James Caan’s Daughter) Age, Profession, Parents, Net Worth.

Tara A. Caan Age

Tara A. Caan age is 58 years old, as of 2023. She was born on 5th November 1964 in New York City, U.S. She has four siblings named, Scott Caan, Alexander James Caan, James Arthur Caan, and Jacob Nicholas Caan. Her father name is, James Caan and mother named, Dee Jay Mathis. Her father is an American, her mother is of African-American and Irish descent.

Tara A. Caan Husband

Tara Caan has never been married and is not currently in a relationship. She has been open about her single status and has stated in interviews that she prefers to focus on her career and personal development rather than finding a partner.

Tara A. Caan’s Father | James Caan

During his life, James married four times. In 1961, he married Dee Jay Mathis; the couple divorced in 1966 after having a daughter, Tara (born 1964). His second marriage to Sheila Marie Ryan, who was a former girlfriend of Elvis Presley, in 1976 ended in divorce. Their son, Scott Caan, who is also an actor, was born in August of 1976 as a result of a divorce.


The film star was married to actress Ingrid Hajek between September 1990 and March 1994, when he had a son named Alexander James Caan. As Heidi Fleiss claimed in a 1994 interview with Vanity Fair, Caan was in a platonic relationship with her while he was married to Hajek, visiting him on the set of Flesh and Bone in Texas. Caan said he was in a platonic relationship with her.

During their time together, Caan and Stokes were married in October 1995, and they had two sons, James Arthur Caan (born 1995) and Jacob Nicholas Caan (born 1998). Caan filed for divorce in 2017 based on irreconcilable differences with Stokes.

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Tara A. Caan Siblings

Tara A. Caan’s borther, Scott Caan was born on the 23rd of August 1976 to James Caan and his second wife, Sheila Marie Ryan. Moving on, Alexander James Caan, was born on the 10th of April 1991 to James Caan by his third wife, Ingrid Hajek.

In addition to her third sibling, Tara’s fourth sibling is, James Arthur Caan. In 1995, James Arthur was born by his fourth wife, actress Linda Stokes, on the 6th of November.

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