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In the year 2017, Tanya Kellock’s viral clip caused a stir. What happened to her? Here are the particulars. Tanya Kellock became famous on social media in 2017. She was a trending topic in that year as a result of an inflammatory video uploaded to Instagram.

This was a big issue in the United Kingdom not long ago, but many people are assuming that her tale is genuine. Continue reading to learn the whole story behind this event. Tanya Kellock Wiki, Biography, Reddit, Age, Height, Facts.

Who Is Tanya Kellock Aka Tanya Kellux?

Tanya Kellock, also known as Tanya Kellux, is a teenager who enjoys using social media. She became famous in 2017 after a video of her was published on Twitter and Reddit.

The clip was uploaded and promptly removed from view. Tanya Kellock was 12 years old when her video went viral. She must be at least 16 or 17 in 2021. We are, however, unaware of her actual age, birthday, and current situation.

However, she is not on Reddit, and her Twitter account still appears to be operational. The persona is known as @tanyakellock. Her most recent tweet was posted on December 5, 2017. She discussed her infamous gaffe in the post. Furthermore, she has expressed regret for her blunder.

Tanya Kellock Video Went Viral On Instagram

Tanya Kellock was an active Instagram user until 2017. However, now she is banned because of illegal content.

In the year, a video of Tanya Kellock was published on Instagram. According to Redditors, the video was offensive. In the video, she was sexually exploiting her 6-year-old brother.

On Twitter and Instagram, the video was quickly spread. The footage was uploaded before being swiftly removed. Eventually, Kellock stated that she did it as a joke.

She also claimed that she asked her brother to film the clip. Many accounts have been shared on the internet. Some people even think that she was compelled by her own parents or a pedophile sex offender.

Since then, hundreds of phony profiles have sprouted up all over the world reposting the video and spreading lies about what happened.

It’s also unclear what’s true, but regardless it’s a horrible thing to do. Tanya Kellock’s Twitter bio states that her Instagram account was previously known as @tanyakellock7. Furthermore, Tanya has removed all of her prior social media postings.

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Who Are Tanya Kellock Parents?

Tanya Kellock’s parents are suspected of filming the sickening child sex abuse video. However, there has been no recent information on them.

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