Son Suk-ku Girlfriend: Is He Married With Kim Ji Won?

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Son Suk-ku is an actor from South Korea who has become well-known for his work in various television series like Matrimonial Chaos and Designated Survivor: 60 Days, as well as films like Nothing Serious and The Roundup. He has also been cast in upcoming projects such as D.P., My Liberation Notes, and A Killer Paradox.

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He believes in putting time into dating and making sure his partner feels special. He values a woman who is stylish, witty, and sensible as well as someone who shares his sense of humor. For him, having fun together is crucial for a successful relationship, along with love and trust.

Who Is Son Suk-ku’s Girlfriend?

Son Suk-ku is not dating. He is single at these moments. He is working on his career and personal growth, finding fulfillment in his work and hobbies.

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He enjoys spending time with friends and family, but is content with his own company as well. He believes that the right person will come into his life when the time is right, and for now, he is happy living life on his own terms.

Is Son Suk-ku dating Kim Ji Won?

Son Suk Ku has chosen Kim Ji Won as his best partner and even picked her over his other co-star, Ma Dong Seok, when asked about the best couple.

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Marie Claire Korea released a short interview with Son Suk Ku where he talked about posing with Kim Ji Won for the magazine photoshoot and expressed his preference for her as a partner.

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Son Suk Ku expressed his gratitude for the drama “My Liberation Notes” when asked about a recent comment he saw.

He also mentioned his first impression of Kim Ji Won, describing her change from a baby-like appearance to an attractive and artistic female figure. Revelation delighted drama fans who were eager to hear more about the actors’ thoughts and experiences.


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