Who is Sherry Walker, Pilot revealed United Airlines’ unpaid leave for refusing the vaccine

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According to a Pitot of Sherry Walker, an Airline employee was placed on unpaid leave because she refused to take the Covid vaccine.

United Airlines stated that 2,000 workers were given medical or religious grants during the covid vaccination in the United States rather than forcing employees to choose between continuing in a non-customer facing position

Who is Sherry Walker?

When Daily Mail asked Sherry Walker to verify the truth of the airline’s statements, she responded, “I wanted to know what position they were hiring me for.” She also said, “I’m an international wide-body captain. They offered me a job carrying bags for $12 per hour.” According to her, vaccine status was a reason why pilots who requested internal re-assignment had been turned down.

According to the pilot, the airline company stated that only those employees who refused the re-assignment were put on unpaid leave in its release. “we realize that the safest way for us all to be United employees is to remain united” ”We are excited for the imminent opportunities that come with many of the Automation roles,” Dr. Dalal added. “The United States already stated in its statement that we have identified non-customer facing jobs where accommodated workers can apply and continue working until it is safe for them to return to their current job.”

The Pilot Sherry Walker said that she has been prevented from obtaining outside employment by United’s non-compete agreements. After being placed on unpaid leave in November 2021 for failing to follow the airline’s vaccination policy, the Pilot Walker of United Airlines is considered an active employee. This means they can reach out to us at any time and grab us.

In addition, she talked about how employees on unpaid leave were prevented from withdrawing money from their retirement accounts or taking loans against their savings because they had no verifiable income. “Schwab, which owns our 401(k) accounts, refuses to let anyone access them,” said Walker. “It’s been retaliatory in all directions since the beginning. walker explained ” Every stage of the way has been coercive to try and force us to get that shot in the arm.”

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What did Pilot insist?

She also said that she opposes vaccination mandates, and that she wants individuals to have the freedom to choose their own medical treatments. She rejected participating in Pfizer’s and Moderna’s fetal research for both vaccines.


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