Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith (LL Cool J’s Daughter) Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Parents

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Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith is a designer and best known as the daughter of iconic rapper LL Cool J. Her father is one of the earliest rappers to achieve commercial success alongside fellow new school hip hop acts Beastie Boys and Run-DMC.

She resides with her family members in L.A. and attended high school there. She has grounded upbringing and her path is eerily aligned in the destined way she usually wants. She is a successful entrepreneurs in the industry today.

Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith is close to her dad

Samaria’s father LL Cool J is a two-time Grammy Award winning rapper, producer, and actor, and is revered by many as a trailblazing Hip-Hop legend. He he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with an award for Musical Excellence, in 2021.

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He is extremely successful social activists and businessmen who have created vast cultural footprints — and have raised powerful young women, eager to craft her own legacies.

Samaria and Elisa Johnson are besties!

Samaria Leah and Elisa Johnson, Magic Johnson’s daughter are best friends. They together runs a business and grow together in their friendship also. Samaria says,

“Me and Elisa may not talk every single day, all day, but if I call she’s gonna answer, [and] if she calls I’m going to answer. When she comes to LA we see each other, if I go to New York, I see her. [We support each other by] being there when it matters… not just being a friend, but a sister is what it should be.”

“Our moms love each other, our dads love each other. They have their own relationships. They vacation together. My mom and her mom have Bible study every Saturday with their group… When I went to Elisa’s house a few weeks ago, her mom was downstairs doing a little video post for my mom’s new nail polish that she launched. It’s a natural friendship. It’s nice that it carries over on both sides, it’s not just me and Elisa being friends. Our parents are genuinely good friends, and it’s like family.”

Samaria Leah

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Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith Age

Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith age is 28 years old, as of 2024. She was born on 15 September 1995 to LL Cool J and Simone Smith, in USA. She grew up with her siblings, Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith, Nina Simone Smith and Italia Anita Maria Smith.

Her grandparents are Ondrea Griffith and James Louis Smith Jr, also known as James Nunya. She comes from Catholic family. Her grand father shot her grandmother and great grandfather, nearly killing them both.

Samaria’s father, LL Cool J was just 4-year-old at that time and found them, blood was everywhere.” Smith grew up at his grandparents’ St. Albans, Queens, home after his mother moved in 1972. His mother’s ex-boyfriend Roscoe abused him physically and mentally.

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Samaria Leah Boyfriend

Samaria Leah is dating Jordan Fuller, in 2024. She often uploads pictures together with him on her Instagram account. They met in college and have been inseparable ever since.

Samaria and Jordan share a love for travel, food, and adventure which is evident in the vibrant photos they post. On February 20, 2024, she uploaded an image with her boyfriend Jordan and captioned the image as, “Mi Amor🌹🇲🇽”.

How Tall Is Samaria Leah?

Samaria Leah height is 5 feet 7 inches tall (1.70 m). She has 330K followers on her ‘samarialeah’ Instagram account.

What Is The Net Worth Of Samaria Leah?

Samaria Leah runs her own clothing line and into fashion designing. She designs and sells clothes. She is continually inspired by the world, pulling from many cultures and time periods to create unique pieces.

Her meticulousness and love of craftsmanship distinguish her clothes collection. She pushes fashion boundaries with each new collection. Every outfit she makes shows her passion for design and craft. She also runs her merch line ‘shopsamarialeah’.


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