Ryan Garcia Girlfriend In 2022: What We Know So Far

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Ryan Garcia, who formerly held the WBC interim lightweight title, has spoken openly about being a father. However, while pregnant with Ryan’s child, Drea Celina accused him of kissing Malu Trevejo.

In 2020, Celina was expecting Garcia’s child, Bela. Outside N10 Restaurant in Los Angeles, Garcia was photographed kissing TikTok celebrity Malu Trevejo. Celina was shocked by Garcia’s behavior and uploaded a photo of her upset on Instagram.

In a story, Celina spoke about the incident, saying, “7 weeks left till I give birth and this piece of s*** stay being disgusting.”

She even spoke about his relationship with his daughter with Catherine Gamez. She adds, “He barely even see’s rylie his daughter with @catherinegamez.” Celina finally called out Garcia by saying, “@kingryang is a HORRIBLE EVIL HUMAN.”

Fans’ reactions to his actions were severe. Furthermore, many were enraged at Garcia for cheating on his expecting fiancée. As they started to lose followers, the numbers on both Garcia’s and Trevejo’s social media profiles dropped significantly. Ryan Garcia Girlfriend In 2022: What We Know So Far.

Ryan Garcia and Malu Trevejo Relationship In 2022

Malu Trevejo was exposed to public revulsion after a video of her kissing Garcia surfaced. After the footage went viral, Malu Trevejo gave her perspective on camera via Instagram live. She claimed that she didn’t know he was married. “I figured it out in my head,” she added. And I was correct,’ she said.

“I have some information that he was telling me that you guys weren’t together,” she told Celina. She did, however, praise Garcia. “I kinda liked him,” she continued. “That’s why I kissed him. I was with him and feeding everything he was saying into my ears at the time.”

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Ryan Garcia Talking About His Relationship

Trevejo went on to describe the event in detail, including a personal conversation between them. When Garcia saw that things were getting out of hand, he remained quiet. However, as problems mounted and demands increased, Garcia revealed the drama as well.

In an Instagram post, Drea Celina claimed that she and Nick Garcia were not engaged. He explained the occurrence further, telling fans, “We went there as friends and got caught up in the moment, but there’s nothing there.”

Garcia stated that he did not wish to cause any harm, adding that it was a personal issue for him. He concluded by stating that he would not discuss the matter anymore.

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