How much is the net worth of Rod Wave in 2021?


Rodarius Marcell Green, professionally known as Rod Wave, is an American rapper, vocalist, and songwriter. On August 27th, 1999, Rod Wave was bornHe started becoming notorious in the entertainment industry as a kid, after being discovered on YouTube by Popsang. At an early age, he had an obsession with music. He was born and reared in St. Petersburg, Florida, where his love for singing began at a very young age. From the fifth grade forward, he began rapping. He realized the potential within him. He just needed to keep on practicing and nurturing until 0ne day he would see himself on the big stage. However, for those who aim high in life, it is never that simple. Because his aspirations must have started in his early years, but his professional career didn’t begin until 2015. Today he has a net worth of more than $2 million.

He became popular in 2019 after releasing his debut single, “Heart on Ice”on TikTok and YouTube. He followed up with a sophomore release, “Ghetto Gospel,” which debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200.Since then, all of his albums have reached the top of the billboard charts. Rod Wave swiftly rose to prominence as a songwriter, combining hip-hop and R&B. His music is an extension of his personal life. He has a way with words that allows him to easily appeal to the listener’s emotions. The start of his performing career may be traced to the release of his mixtapes. “Heart on Ice,” one of Smith’s most well-known songs, was included in his mixtape, PTSD, which went viral on YouTube and TikTok.

Rod WaveNet Worth
Net Worth in 2021$2.5 Million
Previous Year’s
Net Worth (2020)
Under Review
SalaryUnder Review
Wealth SourceRapping Career
SponsorsNot Known

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Rod Wave Net Worth

Music literally saved his life for this singer-songwriter. Rod Wave is now actually living his life, from a street fighter to a street star. He has a good cause to get up in the morning and make music about real things to amuse people through his recordings.

His wide following is likely to identify with him. His days of struggle made him seem genuine and straight from the heart, which was highly valued. Rod Wave, who has 20 million streams under his belt and is currently signed to Alamo Records, has a Net Worth of $2.5 Million.

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His primary source of income is music and brand endorsements. Ghetto Gospel has seen a million unique streams with every song from his album, demonstrating that talent has no boundaries! Rod Wave’s net worth has been growing at around 60% each year. His net worth is around $250,000.

Rod Wave Accomplishments

In his fourth solo recording “Pray 4 Love,” Virgo’s typical self-effacing, humble, and down-to-earth Virgo spirit came out. He remembers his tough life without blaming anyone or harboring any grudges. This outstanding CD is a combination of singing and melodic rapping. His melancholy piano playing demonstrated the sordid side of life beneath the bright image. He is the first St. Petersburg resident to have a number-one album in the country, with the release of SoulFly. The songs were even evaluated by Apple music as one of the most played songs. “Dreams come true, you just have to chase them,” he added. Rod was a devout believer in God and the most important asset, time. He said, ”His worst moments drove him to be more brilliant.”

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