Rina Palenkova Death, Suicide – Did She Die In Blue Whale Challenge?

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Rina Palenkova was a young girl who did suicide at the age of 17 by jumping in front of a train in Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai, Russia, in 2015. In the Blue Whale Challenge, Palenkova is frequently referred to as a “hero”. Some people believe that her face symbolizes the “game”. Moreover, her mother, just as confused and upset, said in an interview with CNN, “Her daughter never showed interest in computers. She never had Facebook, never posted pictures. Most of the time, she only wanted to draw. I never thought she would go and try to find a site or a way to chat with people and believe them.”

Rina Palenkova Before Death

Rina Palenkova did an abstract painting of blue whale and that painting took on a new meaning after she did suicide. It was somehow related with the, ‘Blue Whale Challenge’.

Image Source: CNN

During the days leading up to Rina’s death, her family recovered some of her social media posts. It shared many similarities with other accounts of Blue Whale victims, such as photos of her legs dangling over her roof, self-inflicted cuts, and a final post of train tracks with the words “good bye.”

Image Source: CNN

Her family found Russian letters among her belongings. There were some that appeared to be love letters. It is unclear who is the recipient of the letters or whether that person was involved in the Blue Whale investigation. Rina was residing in south-eastern Russia and posted a selfie, on 22 November 2015. She is standing outside in the photo. Her mouth and nose are covered with a black scarf. Towards the camera, she sticks her middle finger up. It looks like it’s covered in dried blood. The caption of the photo read: “Nya bye”. She committed suicide the next day.

Image Source: CNN

Did Rina Palenkova Die In Blue Whale Challenge?

It is still not known, whether Rina Palenkova died due to the challenge or there was some other reason for her suicide. But the things not stopped there. Her brother, Marty, started going through her things to look for signs of her sister’s suicide. As he move further with the research he said, “As I was going through the drawings and journal entries, I found an unusual pattern, including a small drawing of a girl whose name was written in Russian underneath the drawing.”

Image Source: CNN

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In November 2015, Rina Palenkova goodbye selfie went viral and was discovered to have been involved with something online called Blue Whale.

Marty also all of sudden remembered, his sister’s room had a picture of a blue whale next to the mirror. Through her sketches, he found whale drawings and magazine cutouts with the words “I Am a Blue Whale” pasted over them, along with drawings indicating self-harm, suicidal statements, and multiple entries in Russian. Marty said he was startled by the discovery.

“None of us knew about the Blue Whale game. I spend a lot of time online and hadn’t come across it until it happened.”

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