Rebel Moon Full Cast List: Look Into Stars’ Net Worth

Rebel Moon is a 2023 American epic space opera film. It was released by Netflix on December 21, 2023 and had a limited theatrical release in the United States on December 15, 2023. Most critics panned the film. A direct sequel, Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver, will be released on April 19, 2024, along with an extended cut in early 2024.

1. Sofia Boutella as Kora

Sofia Boutella

Algerian actress, dancer and model Sofia Boutella’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million. At the age of 10, she left Algeria with her family in the midst of the Algerian Civil War and moved to France, in 1992. In the movie ‘Rebel Moon’ she casts as Kora, a former member of the Imperium who rallies warriors from across the galaxy to fight against the Motherworld.

2. Djimon Hounsou as Titus

Djimon Hounsou

Known for bold personality, Djimon Hounsou’s net worth is $12 million, as per Richest. He has given major hits such as, Furious 7 (2015), Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), The Legend of Tarzan (2016) and A Quiet Place Part II (2021). In the Rebel Moon he plays ‘a former general of the Imperium recruited to lead the fight against the Motherworld’.

3. Ed Skrein as Atticus Noble

Ed Skrein

An English actor, filmmaker, and rapper known for portraying Daario Naharis in the third season of Game of Thrones. Ed is an excellent villain in Rebel Moon; in real life, he’s such a great game. It was really fun to finally get to meet him. He has a net worth of $7 million.

4. Michiel Huisman as Gunnar

Michiel Huisman broke down his character, Gunnar, and teased a redemption arc for the naive farmer. He has amassed a substantial estimated net worth of $4.5 million. In an interview with Screen Rant he says,

Michiel Huisman

“Yeah. I love how you put that; he grounds it a bit. He’s perhaps the most relatable character because he’s not this super heroic guy, especially now in the beginning. He makes a grave mistake and a lot of what motivates him throughout Rebel Moon Part One is finding redemption”

Michiel Huisman

5. Doona Bae as Nemesis

Doona Bae

Doona Bae was scouted by a modeling agency in Seoul and became known outside Korea for her roles as a political activist in Park Chan-wook’s Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002). She has an estimated net worth is to be $20 million dollars, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

6. Ray Fisher as Darrian Bloodaxe

Ray Fisher

Ray Fisher is an handsome hunk known for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and The Piano Lesson. He portrayed Darrian Bloodaxe in Rebel Moon, a warrior recruited by Kora. His income is estimated to be $5 million.

7. Charlie Hunnam as Kai

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam was nominated twice for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actor who is best known for his role as Jax Teller in the FX series Sons of Anarchy (2008–2014). He has a net worth of $20 million.

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8. Staz Nair as Tarak

In the movie Rebel Moon Tarak, a nobleman-turned-blacksmith with the ability to bond with animals of nature.

Staz Nair

Staz Nair is famous for his roles in the HBO series Game of Thrones (2016–2019) and the CW series Supergirl (2019–2021). He has an estimated net worth is to be $400k, as per married biography.

9. Fra Fee as Balisarius

Fra Fee

Fee, who was born in Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland best known for his portrayal of Courfeyrac in Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of Les Misérables. He earns around £12,370 – £90,890.

10. Cleopatra Coleman as Devra

cleopatra-coleman (1)

Cleopatra Coleman is an Australian beauty born on born 29 October 1987. Rose to fame for playing Erica on in ‘The Last Man on Earth’ and Rya in the Netflix original sci-fi thriller ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’. Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

11. Stuart Martin as Den

Stuart Martin

A Scottish actor, Stuart who is known for his roles in the Channel 4 comedy-drama Babylon (2014). He has an estimated net worth is to be $300,000.

12. Ingvar Sigurdsson as Hagen

He became internationally known for his role as police officer Ásgeir in the Icelandic TV series ‘Trapped’ (2015–18). His net worth is $120,000.

13. Alfonso Herrera as Cassius

Alfonso Herrera

Alfonso Herrera played the lead role in the political satire comedy film The Perfect Dictatorship, in 2014. Made his television debut in Clase 406 in 2002. His net worth is $33 million, as per big name bio.

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14. Jena Malone as Harmada

Jena Malone

An American actress, known for her roles in both independent films and mainstream blockbuster features. She is the daughter of Deborah Malone and Edward Berge. Her net worth is $2 million, as of now.

15. Sky Yang as Aris

Sky Yang

Prior to Rebel Moon, Sky had only a small part in the 2018 reboot, Tomb Raider. His income is $50,000. He also featured Dominic West, but he also appeared in episodes of ITV’s Holding and Paramount+’s Halo.

16. Charlotte Maggi as Sam

Charlotte Maggi

Charlotte Maggi is from the suburb of West Leederville in Perth, Western Australia who made her television debut in the Australian young adult motocross series MaveriX (2022). Her net worth is in between $70,000 – $90,000.

17. Corey Stoll as Sindri

Best known for his roles as Congressman Peter Russo on the Netflix political thriller series House of Cards (2013–2016). He has a net worth of $6 million.

18. Brandon Auret as Faunus

Brandon Auret

Brandon Auret’s net worth is $5 million. South African actor played the role of Leon du Plessis from 1998 to 2005. Best known for his role as Leon du Plessis in the SABC3 soap opera Isidingo.

19. Ray Porter as Hickman

Ray Porter widely known for portraying the DC Comics villain Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. His other movie work includes, Almost Famous, The Scarecrow, Sin, The Path of Atticus: Gods and Monsters, The Little Engine That Could, Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire. His income is $1.7 million.

20. Tony Amendola as King Levitica

Tony portrayed Pinocchio’s father and creator, Geppetto, on Once Upon a Time, as well as the Jaffa master Bra’tac in Stargate SG-1. In the television series Continuum, he played Edouard Kagame, the revolutionary leader of Liber8. His net worth is $5 million, as of now.

21. Dominic Burgess as Dash Thif

Dominic Burgess

Best known for his appearances in several television adverts and series such as Raising Hope, Doctor Who, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Feud: Bette and Joan. He has a net worth ranging between $100,000 and $1 million.

22. Derek Mears as Simeon

Mainly known for his personality and good looks. Actor has played the title character on the DC Universe series Swamp Thing (2019). His net worth is $3.5 million.

23. Sisse Marie as Astrid

Sisse Marie

Born in Aalborg, Sisse is a Danish actress, singer, model, TV hostess and songwriter. She was cast to star in the award-winning Freeform TV series Siren playing Yura, in 2019. Her net worth is $4 million.

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