How Old Is Purplestars02? Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents and Facts

Purplestars02 is a YouTuber hails from Pennsylvania. She is known for sharing her lip balm collection on her channel and also collaborated with various lip balm brands creating her own limited-edition collections with DIYS hacks. Her channel became very popular for her latest lip balm trends.

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She’s also uploaded a number of videos on fidget toys. She gives her honest reviews and recommendations on which fidget toys are the most effective and durable. These videos have gained a large following.

Purplestars02 Age

Purplestars02 age is 25 years old, as of 2024. She was born on January 21, 1999. Her real name is Kayla Ann. She also has a brother named, Scott. He also has been featured on her channel in multiple videos.

What Makes Purplestars02 Popular?

Kayla Ann has millions of TikTok fans in addition to YouTube popularity. She frequently posts fidget toy videos on TikTok. Her video titled ‘ORGANIZE MY FIDGET COLLECTION WITH ME! ODDLY SATISFYING.‘ is very popular with over 3.5 million views.

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Her channel has over 3.7 million subscribers, as of 2024. She babysits a girl named, Kalli. They together love shopping challenges where they only buy items of the same colour as their outfits. Last week, they decided to take on the ultimate shopping challenge: shopping for an entire day while wearing only black. They were dressed in stylish black outfits ready to take on the stores and also uploaded images on Instagram.

What Is The Net Worth Of Purplestars02?

Purplestars02 net worth is $100,000 which she primarily makes from her YouTube videos. She also have her very own lip balm brand called Lipsessed. She love dancing, fidgets, shopping and making YouTube videos of course.

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Purplestars02 Boyfriend

Purplestars02 is dating Daniel Hentosz and often share images together on Instagram. They also travel often and take beautiful photos. Her Instagram page features bright colors’, laughing and real affection.

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Facts About Purplestars02

  • Purplestars02′ Her’s YouTube channel is dedicated to her uploading vlogs and talking about her life, as well as producing lip balm related videos.
  • She would often make beauty videos that featured high-profile celebrities such as YouTuber Nichole Jacklyne.

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