Who Is Paul Urich, Kari Byron’s Husband?

Paul Urich is an artist, who is most famous for being the husband of famed “Mythbusters” Host Kari Byron. He has also created several large-scale art installations, which have been displayed in a number of locations around the world. In addition to his art work, Paul is also an accomplished musician and has released a number of albums under the name “PUP”. According to his friend Trippe, Paul
“Is good at whatever you throw at him.” Who Is Paul Urich, Kari Byron’s Husband?

Meet Paul Urich: Kari Byron’s Husband

Paul Urich was born and brought up in Florida. He married Kari Byron in March 2006. Mythbusters (2003-17) and Netflix’s White Rabbit Project (2016 onwards), which she also produced, are the popular TV show hosted by Kari Byron. She has also done talk shows like Late Late Show with David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Conan (TV Series Documentary), Beyond Tomorrow (TV Series Documentary), Head Rush (TV Series Documentary), Punkin Chunkin (TV Movie 2012) and Fameless. Stella Ruby, Kari’s daughter, was born on June 28, 2009. His father-in-law & mother-in-law are Dennis and Sue Byron respectively. His sister-in-law is Summer Byron. Currently, Paul resides in San Francisco along with his family.

Paul Urich Height & Weight

How tall is Paul Urich? He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs around 68 Kg. He has dark brown eyes and has blonde hair. Moreover, Paul was into skateboarding right from his school days. He had also taken up painting and developed a passion for listening to music records.

Paul Urich Career Explored

After failing a post-graduate program in architecture at USC, he moved to San Francisco in the year 2000 to study art at USF. He resided at Howard Street college housing while attending USF. John Trippe is one of his friends who took some assignments on and off throughout his career.


He began his career as a freelance designer and artist in the early days of the internet. He studied at the University of San Francisco, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in arts. After graduation, he established his own studio where he creates all types of artworks. John Tripe, who was also one of Paul’s college roommates, had created fecalface (dot) com right away after graduating from college. Paul was one of the first people asked to contribute an artwork for the website; since then, he has been known as a guest art curator there.

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Paul Urich Net Worth In 2022

How much is the net worth of Paul Urich? Paul has always loved to surf, and he’s been great at it since he was a kid. Despite his frequent time in his art workshop and the fact that he is aging, he still likes to give it a go now and then. His net worth is estimated to be $400k – $500k, as of 2022.

Paul Urich Wife Kari Byron

Paul Urich’s spouse is a pescetarian, which means she eats only vegan foods, fish and seafood, but not animal flesh. She initially identified herself as a vegetarian to avoid confusion but later accepted pescetarianism after becoming more aware.

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