Paris Fury Age, Wikipedia: All About Tyson Fury’s Wife

Paris Fury is a British Instagram star who gained fame by tying the knot with world boxing champion Tyson Fury. Couple have been married since 2008 and share seven children together. In October 2021, she published her autobiography. She is also well-known for the numerous posts on her well-liked Instagram account about family, fashion, and lifestyle. She uploaded an old photo of herself and Tyson from October 2021.

The couple started getting to know each other at a wedding when they were youngsters and three years later, in November 2008, they tied the knot. Tyson claims that Paris has supported him throughout everything from starting a family to his career as a professional boxer. In an interview Tyson Fury said,

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“To get a woman who’s been with you all that time and gone through the b——-. The good times and the bad times … [For her] to still be there when you don’t want to be and when you’re being forced away and you’re being pushed out, that takes a very strong individual. y biggest mentor in my career is probably me wife. Because without her, I would have probably went AWOL a long time ago. I’ve been AWOL anyway plenty of times but I’ve always had that loving wife relationship, sort of the backbone.”

Meet Paris Fury’s Children

Paris Fury has seven children with her husband Tyson Fury. Their children names are Prince Adonis Amaziah, Venezuela Lynda, Prince John James, Prince Tyson II, Valencia Amber, Athena and a baby boy they welcomed in September 2023.

Paris Fury Height and Weight

How tall is Paris Fury? She stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.72 m). She weighs around 64 Kg or 141 lbs. She has blonde long hair and has dark brown pair of eyes.

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How Old Is Paris Fury?

Paris Fury age is 34 years old, as of 2024. She was born on December 5, 1989 in England. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. In 2015, she first posted to her Instagram page.

She has amassed over 1.8 million Instagram followers. She has made multiple appearances on morning television programmes in her home nation of England. She has professional modelling experience.

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In October 2021, Paris’s debut book, ‘Love and Fury: The Magic and Mayhem of Life with Tyson’ was released. Her second book, How Does She Do It? was released on September 28, 2023.

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Paris Fury’s first meeting with Tyson Fury

Paris Fury and Tyson Fury first met at the wedding of a mutual friend in 2005. She said in an interview with People mag,

“Our first date was to see King Kong at the cinema and later I found out he’d told his parents afterwards that he was going to marry me. He always used to talk about our future together. I liked him from the very beginning – he was so different to other boys. I didn’t say yes to dating straight away though, he ask me out alot of times before I agreed! It was a big deal he would be my 1st boyfriend.”

Before their wedding, Paris and Tyson had an issue that nearly ended their relationship. Paris writes in Love and Fury: The Magic and Mayhem of Life with Tyson that their “schedule was thrown into the air” when her future husband didn’t qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


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Even though the bride-to-be wanted a winter wedding in November, Tyson wanted to move it up a few months due to his sudden free time.

Paris Fury wrote in her book, ‘My fiancé clearly didn’t understand the amount of planning and organisation that went into a wedding. I was beginning to realise how incredibly impulsive he was, the sort of person who lived life in the moment and liked to make decisions on the hoof. In Tyson’s world, our big day could be rescheduled on a whim, just like one of his boxing matches. I was having none of it, though, and refused point blank to change the date. After an ugly slanging match with him outside Mam’s house, I decided to call time on the wedding and our relationship. He thought I was joking and when I dropped the big bombshell, then he realised I was deadly serious.’

They made up after few weeks. Though Paris’s mother Lynda had asked her to cancel the wedding’s plan and location, she believed the pair would “patch things up” and they never did. They tied the knot in Doncaster, England, on November 21, 2008 with the wedding date still in place.

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