Nidia Ripoll Torrado, Shakira’s Mother

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Nidia Ripoll Torrado is best known as the mother of Shakira, the famous Colombian singer, songwriter, and dancer. She is also known for being the grandmother of Milan, Sasha, and Alejandro Piqué Mebarak. After graduation, Nidia married Shakira’s father, William Mebarak Chadid. The couple had two children together: Shakira and her brother Tonino. Know more about Nidia Ripoll Torrado, Shakira’s Mother.

Meet Nidia Ripoll Torrado: Shakira’s Mother

Nidia was born in the small town of Barbosa, Colombia. She is the eldest of four sisters. Her parents were teachers who instilled a love of learning in their children. Nidia excelled in school and went on to earn a degree in education from the University of Santo Tomás in Bogotá.

Nidia has always been very supportive of her daughter’s career. She has accompanied Shakira on many of her world tours and is often seen cheering her on from the audience. In 2010, Nidia published a book about her life called “Mi vida junto a Shakira” (“My Life With Shakira”). In it, she shares intimate details about her daughter’s childhood, their close relationship, and how proud she is of Shakira’s accomplishments.

Nidia Ripoll Torrado’s Daughter: Shakira Ethnicity

Nidia Ripoll Torrado is of Colombian and Lebanese descent. Moreover, Shakira’s father William was born in New York City to a family from Lebanon. When he was five, his family moved to Colombia. Her Colombian mother side has two Spanish surnames, Ripoll and Torrado, the former of which is Catalan and originates from four brothers who immigrated from Catalonia to coastal Colombia in the 19th century.

She has also claimed to have distant Italian roots through an ancestor with the surname “Pisciotti”. The name Shakira (Arabic: شاكرة) is Arabic for “grateful”, the feminine form of the name Shakir (Arabic: شاكر). She was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools.

She has eight older half-siblings from her father’s previous marriage. Shakira spent much of her youth in Barranquilla, a city located on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia. Shakira’s business acumen is often attributed to a high IQ, which is reported in the entertainment press to be 140.

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Nidia Ripoll Torrado Is Very Close To Her Daughter

Nidia Ripoll Torrado is a very close to her daughter and always makes sure to spend as much time with her as possible. When she’s not working, she enjoys taking her daughter out for ice cream or to the park. She also loves to read and watch movies with her family.

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