Chris Watt Girlfriend: Nichol Kessinger

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Chris Watts was the primary protagonist in American Murder: The Family Next Door, a Netflix original. It all started in 2018, when his wife and daughter vanished from their own home. Shannan, who had just returned from a business trip, was missing with Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. Chris received empathy until he was convicted of all three murders.

In a recently released police video, Nichol Kessinger discusses the final texts she ever received from Watts, the now-convicted murderer with whom she was secretly dating. It was revealed that he had an affair with Nichol Kessinger. The friendship between him and Kessinger is depicted in the movie. Chris Watt Girlfriend: Nichol Kessinger.

Chris Watts Girlfriend: Nichol Kessinger Now

According to a new report from Dailymail, Nicol Kessinger, Chris Watts’ companion, is attempting to start fresh. Kessinger, a 30-year-old native of Colorado, has reportedly departed her home. She’s exchanged her old identity for a fresh one since Watts was convicted of murdering his wife and children. She’s been careful not to be seen since disclosing her relationship with Watts.


Chris Kessinger and Chris Watt first met when they were both employed by an oil company. Chris originally intended to leave his wife and join her. Watts later admitted to murdering his family in order to be with her. It was unclear whether Nichol knew of his plan.

Nichol Kessinger Name

In 2020, Annemarie Nichol Kessinger changed her name and began a new chapter in her life, adopting a new identity and name. According to DailyMail, she applied to modify her name in Jefferson County, Colorado, in 2020. Watts informed his pen pal that Kessinger had been writing to him from prison using a different moniker since the murder.

Kessinger said that she wanted to change her name because she found it difficult to go public with her current one. He claims she wrote to him while incarcerated at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Wisconsin under her new identity. He went on to say that he was penalized after authorities discovered his prohibited contact with her.

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Inside Nichol Kessinger Family

Nicolas Kessinger’s family has avoided the limelight. They haven’t been mentioned in the news. She is now living a new life in a new city, with a new career and a different name. Chris Watts, for nearly three days after shooting his wife and two children and burying their bodies in an oil field, told cops he didn’t know where his family was — even asking for their return on the local news.

Watts was privately covering his tracks, and even texting his mistress to assure her he had nothing to do with the vanishing of Shanann Watts and their daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. The alleged mistress, Nichol Kessinger, was interviewed by cops on a YouTube channel established by Shanann’s family and the video’s authenticity has been independently.

A jury convicted Watts of first-degree intentional homicide in December 1993 and sentenced him to life imprisonment. He has been at Dodge Correctional Institution, a maximum-security prison in Waupun, Wis., since then. He is not eligible for early release.

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