Neko Paradise Walkthrough and complete Guide

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Neko Paradise follows siblings and will help you access every scene and event including Violet, Lily, Ash, Chocomint, Autumm, Cream, Marie, Daisy and many more. In December 2014, Nekopara Vol. 1 debuted. This detailed guide can help you avoid missing critical decisions or conversations. This guide lets you completely explore Neko Paradise.

You can also participate in mini-games and complete side quests to earn additional rewards. Make sure to explore all areas of the game to find hidden treasures and unlock special items. By following these tips, you’ll be able to unlock new characters, earn points, and gather resources to progress further in the game.

Main Story Guide

  • Living Room > Evening
  • Living Room > Morning
  • Sleep after day 2
  • Sleep after day 3
  • Again sleep after day 5
  • Living room > morning after day 7 > meet bera
  • Sleep after day 9
  • Visit the village at morning
  • Sleep after day 15
  • Market after day 20, midday – Last Event

After completing the last event at the market on day 20, you will have successfully finished the Neko Paradise walkthrough.

This game takes you on a journey through various locations and events, ultimately leading to a fulfilling conclusion. Make sure to explore all the options and interact with different characters to uncover all the secrets of Neko Paradise.

Violet Guide

On this step, Violet and her family together eat their breakfast and then go to the kitchen which requires three points and then took Violet to the take a sleep which require six points.

Lily Guide

For Lily, you have to give her a bath which require 2 points in the morning time. In the evening peel her room. After this, again you have to give a bath to Lily in the morning which demands 6 points and make pancakes for her.

Take, Lily to sleep which require your 8+10 points from there. After taking back to back two sleep again you have to give a sleep to Lily which requires 13 points and took her to the bath which requires 16 points. Take her to the evening bath which requires 18 points and in the afternoon you have to give second bath which requires 20 points.

Ash Guide

After Day 7, see Ash in the kitchen in the morning. Day 13 and later: Visit Ash at the farm in the morning or afternoon for 3 points. After day 13’s evening visit to Ash, you can visit the farm at lunchtime for 7 points.

Chocomint Guide

You must first talk to Chocomint either in the village during the morning or in Lily’s room in the evening to earn 5 points. Attending a sleeping event will grant 7 points.

To unlock the bath event, you must accumulate 8 points. Collecting 16 points with chocolate and 10 points with cream will lead to the last event in version 11, which takes place in the kitchen during the evening. At last, you must reach a total of 15 points to participate in the sleep event.

Autumm Guide

You have to not do much. Just follow the main story content and in afternoon and require 3 points to go to the village street.

Cream Guide

In this, you have to go to the Lily’s room in the evening which requires 4 points and then for the 7 points go to the living room in the morning.

After this, requires 9 points and agian go to the living room. Now, 10 points require here for again living room evening. Collect 16 points with Choco & 10 with Cream from the last event. After this, go to the village street in the afternoon (v.11).

Bera Guide

In the last event of Bera Guide v.11, players will finally have the opportunity to visit her house in the evening. In order to unlock this event, players must have accumulated a total of 6 points throughout their interactions with Bera. This final event promises to reveal more about Bera’s character and deepen the player’s relationship with her.

Marie Guide

Marie arrived at the village after a long journey and was relieved to finally rest. She spent the morning exploring the village, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling marketplace.

As evening fell, she attended the last event of the day, feeling grateful for the warm hospitality of the villagers. With a total of 9 points, Marie felt accomplished and content as she settled in for the night at the village inn.

Nina Guide

Check the map at night when available. Make sure to save your progress before starting a new event. Keep track of your points to unlock new locations and events. Get Nina to slepp which requires 5 point and then v.11 took her to the midday living room. In the afternoon, 7 points requires for the last event v0.12.

Mitty Guide

After unlocked, took Mitty to the kitchen in the after noon and then to the living room which requires 2 points. In the last event, you require 4 points to taking her in the afternoon.

Kleo Guide

Cliff during the day and in the last event in evening also took her to the cliff.

Rayne Guide

After unlocking the market, took Rayne at market for donating food and in the last event keep donating fish during the day and check at night until you unlock all the scenes.

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Corynn Guide

Corynn Guide is hosting another beach evening event but this time it will require 3 points for entry. In the last event, it requires 4 points for the beach evening.


Sleeping event (main story guide)

Daisy Guide

After visiting the village in the morning, Daisy decided to take a nap after a long day of exploring. On day 15, she woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the market in the afternoon.

As she wandered through the stalls, she couldn’t help but feel grateful for the journey she had been on. Then, on day 20, Daisy attended the last event. Basically for the Daisy guide, you have to follow main story guide. Only the last step took from here that is, Market – Morning which requires 4 points.

Relics Locations Guide

  1. Kitchen: Left side
  2. Living room: below the cushions
  3. Lily’s room: Below the bed
  4. Farm: Right side
  5. Your room: left of your desktopicture right side
  6. Go fishing:
  7. Market: under the tree (better at night)
  8. 1st screen: left side
  9. 2nd screen: Middle
  10. Last screen: Middle

Wallpapers Locations Guide

In the farm, the wallpaper can be found under the big house. Neko’s place is among the trees, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. In Lily’s room, the wallpaper is placed on the right side. Bera’s place has the wallpaper placed by the logs. Each location has a unique and carefully chosen wallpaper to enhance the ambiance of the room or area.


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