Meet Masimba Chibanda, Muni Long’s Husband

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Masimba Chibanda is best recognised as the better half of Muni Long, who is an American singer and songwriter married to Masimba Chibanda. Under the name Priscilla Renea, her solo debut studio album, Jukebox, was released through Capitol Records in 2009.

For the next ten years, she collaborated on songs with other musicians, including Rihanna’s “California King Bed,” “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony, “Love So Soft” by Kelly Clarkson, “Imagine” by Ariana Grande, and Pitbull’s global chart-topper “Timber.” Meet Masimba Chibanda, Muni Long’s Husband.

Masimba Chibanda, Muni Long’s Husband

Muni Long is married to her husband, Masimba Chibanda. Despite her public relationship status, her spouse Masimba Chibanda is extremely private about his life. Muni’s photos are frequently shared on social media, but she does not tag her spouse. It appears that Masimba isn’t on any social networking sites.

On February 14th, 2022, Long published a video with her husband. Her followers were overjoyed to see the pair together and showed their support for her marriage. Muni is 33 years old, and her husband’s age is unknown. Considering Muni’s age, he should be in his thirties. The pair appear to be in their twenties.

Muni’s critics were quick to criticize her spouse’s appearance, but surprisingly enough, her fans thought he was quite good-looking and the ideal match for Muni. The American singer also appeared to be insanely infatuated with her spouse Masimbo, gushing about how happy she is together on several occasions.

More Details About Masimba Chibanda

Masimba Chibanda is a somewhat reclusive individual, and he doesn’t like being in the spotlight. Muni, on the other hand, is a well-known figure who enjoys the attention of the press.

She has Wikipedia to her name as well as inclusion in several news stories and media sources. Despite Muni’s extroverted nature, their relationship appears to be solid. They complement each other’s personalities wonderfully and are quite compatible.

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Masimba Chibanda Net Worth In 2022

Masimba Chibanda’s net worth is unknown at the moment. Muni Simbambathe wife of Masimba Chibanda has a net worth of $2 million, though. His wealth should not be underestimated.

Even though it is unclear what Chibanda does for a living, he appears to be living an extravagant life with his wife, Muni. As a result, it’s reasonable to infer that the pair has amassed a significant sum of money throughout their career.

Masimba Chibanda FAQs

  • Who is Masimba Chibanda?
  • Masimba Chibanda is a private individual who married Muni Long in 2022. Not much is known about him, but he appears to be living a comfortable life with his wife.
  • How old is Masimba Chibanda?
  • Chibanda’s age is unknown, but he should be in his thirties.
  • What does Masimba Chibanda do for a living?
  • Chibanda’s occupation is unknown, but it is clear that he has a lot of money. It is possible that he comes from a wealthy family or has inherited money.
  • Where does Masimba Chibanda live?
  • Chibanda lives with his wife, Muni Long, in an unknown location. It is possible that the couple has multiple homes.
  • What is Masimba Chibanda’s net worth?
  • Chibanda’s net worth is unknown, but his wife, Muni Long, has a net worth of $4 million. He likely has a similar amount of money.

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