Who Is MS Miri? Her Latest Leaked Video And Photo At Onlyfans


Ella Miri, widely recognized as Ms Miri, is a Canadian model, TikTok star, social media sensation, and now an adult content creator. Ms Miri got fired from her university as a professor after her adult videos and content went viral on social media. Here is everything you need to know about her.

Well, she is also a talented person looking at the fact that she was a college professor. However, she is a former professor now and does not work as a tutor anymore.

She was recognized as a very famous online tutor in Canada, but with her videos getting revealed on social handles, her profession in educational fields is taking a back turn.

People are interested in finding out what is actually happening or what actually happened that led to her removal from her university job. Indeed, concerns regarding her getting fired, the viral videos on Twitter and Reddit, her age, Instagram, and related matters are rising and are currently at their peak on the web.

Who Is MS Miri?

Ella Miri, often known as MS Miri, is a Canadian TikTok star, social media phenomenon, and adult video creator who is most known for her work on the platform TikTok.

As demonstrated by her previous employment as a college lecturer, she is, after all, an exceptionally brilliant person. She is no longer a tutor, though, due to the fact that she was once a professor.

Miri is a real-life grownup who works in the realm of the internet. Miri’s 18+ images may be seen on her Twitter account, which she uses under the handle @Miri ella_, where she has over 27.8k followers.

Her side business, on the other hand, was declared unfit for the profession by the institution where she was studying. Her employment must be terminated at some time in the future.

There has been more than one instance in which a teacher has voiced discontent with a disputed image. A New York math teacher lost her job in 2019 as a result of the topless picture being circulated on social media in 2018. Miri, on the other hand, was adamant about not wanting her picture taken and made public.

Why Is Ms Miri Fired? Teacher Ella Miri Twitter Video On Reddit

As mentioned, Ms Miri is fired because her “Not Safe For Work”(NSFW) videos went viral on the internet.

The university where she taught fired her because they thought that keeping her as a teacher would not be a good idea given the circumstances of her adult content.

Regarding the video, since it was 18+ content, it was soon removed from social media but many people got an eye on it.

Twitter and Reddit were filled with the videos her and people did share those videos which led to a high reach for that.

While those videos are not around now, we can see people talking about them on the platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Well, people do know that she is an adult creator and is active on subscription platforms like Onlyfans, but a video getting revealed on social media got her fired.

Ms Miri Age: How Old Is The Fired Professor?

The age of the fired professor and adult star Ms Miri is about 35 years old.

However, her exact age or date of birth is not revealed yet.

We have estimated her age on the basis of her appearance and the fact that she is old enough to be a professor at a university.

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Meet Ms Miri On Instagram
Ms Miri is a pretty popular personality when it comes to social media handles and sites like Instagram.

She is on Instagram under the username @ms.miri_ella where she has over 31k followers and more than 50 posts.

She does share a lot of personal pictures and updates her fans and followers about her life, via her social media handles.

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Is Ms Miri A Member Of Onlyfans?

Ms. Miri is also a member of the Onlyfan organisation. Onlyfans is a subscription-based social media network where fans must pay a fee in order to read the content of the artists’ profiles and other materials. It is well-known for offering a diverse selection of pornographic material.

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