Who Is Mow From ‘Love Is blind’ Sweden?

Mow is a recruitment consultant who currently appears in the show, ‘Love Is blind’ Sweden. The show is about unique dating experiment lands in Sweden as local singles seek true love and propose marriage — all before seeing each other in person.

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He originally from Colombo and now in Stockholm, seeks a match that complements his professional life. He is active on Instagram under user name @mow_johansson.

Mow Real Name and Age

Mow’s real name is Andreas Johansson who currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden. He is 43 years old, as of 2024. His height is 6 feet. He was born in 1981. Not much is known about his family. For him, coming in ‘Love Is Blind’ is a dream comes true,

“A thing happened😅..
Got tired of the dating apps, so now you can see me looking for love on TV.
Love Is Blind Sweden premieres on @netflixnordic the 12th of January #loveisblindsweden”

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Mow Girlfriend

Mow is a very choosy person and discussed about his thoughts regarding dating and relationship which is written below,

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“What struck me was how much you focused and listened to the person on the other side of the wall. Nothing to disturb, no noise, no phones or social media. Do not think about what others should think or think. Being present and responsive. Even my own words were chosen more carefully because I wanted the person on the other side to understand me and like what I said.

Another thing I want to pass along with everyone and a great lesson afterwards is; think about what is important to you in a relationship, whether it be love or friendship. If you know what’s important to you, hold on to it. Then it will be easier to know what to put energy and time into the relationship. Some may stay at friendships, others lead to something more and some may simply need to end. It might be tough, but it will only lead to good things, trust me.

Want to end by saying the entire experience was fantastic! Both the experience of being part of such a large production, the experiment itself and meeting all the nice people. Lots of new found friends. Proud of what we’ve done! My biggest supporter through this is my brother @christoferpocock Without him, I don’t know how I would make it through this. We actually knew each other even before the program, now he’s a friend for life. So glad the rest of the world now gets to see what an amazing person you are. 💜”

Mow is a huge fan of football

Mow is an avid football and European Championship league lover. He never misses a game and keeps up with all the latest news and updates about his favorite teams.

“Now the European Championship is about to begin. You would have easily been there if you kept up with the training .. Or what do you say @bmmoller ? ⚽️🇸🇪👑 #mowgli #fotboll #snabbastilaget”

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