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How Was Mordy Gelfand Died: Is He Murdered

On Friday, January 26, 2019, a 33-year-old man named Michael “Mordy” Gelfand vanished while on a business trip to New Orleans. According to local organizers Nathan Ginsbury, who led a search operation, he even offered a $10,000 reward.

According to reports, the 33-year-old father “died in a horrible accident while on a business trip to the city and was subsequently confirmed to have been involved in an awful accident that cost him his life.” “In his modest and quiet way, Mordy z’l was tremendous Baal chesed, someone who was characterized as selfless, empathetic, and willing to go above and beyond for others’ sake.’ How Was Mordy Gelfand Died: Is He Murdered.

Mordy Gelfand Wife

Who is the wife of Mordy Gelfand? His wife, Devorah, and four children survive him. “He was found. There’s nothing more I can say,” Ginsbury stated. On Tuesday morning, Gelfand’s funeral was held in New Jersey.

Gelfand went missing on Jan. 5, shortly after telling his wife that he was traveling to New Orleans for a one-night business trip, according to reports. He subsequently contacted his spouse to inform her that he was returning home but never arrived. After all this time, no one knew where he had gone. The cops were searching for him but had yet to discover any information about him.

On January 11th, his family filed a complaint. Despite a $10,000 reward being offered, the New Orleans Police Department has been searching for him. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and black sweatshirt near the Canal along Carondelet Street. After more than a month, they discovered his body from the Mississippi River. The police have not specified how he died. The family has remained silent on the matter.

Mordy Gelfand was a businessman who was living in Lakewood with his wife Devorah and four kids. The family said, “It gave us and continues to give us tremendous chizuk knowing that so many yidden cared for Mordy and were davening for his safe return home.”

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How did Mordy Gelfand die?

The family tried many methods to contact him, but they were all unsuccessful. Every time they reached their goal. When the family discovered that he was missing. As a result, they filed a report about him being lost. Michael Gelfand, a businessman who was found dead months later, had been on a business trip to New Orleans in January 2022.

The family became concerned that something bad had happened to him after he departed for his business trip to New Orleans in January 2022. They made numerous attempts to contact him, but they received no response. Because the executive’s trip to New Orleans was unreported, he was declared missing after failing to return from a business journey.

Mordy Gelfand Death Cause

According to the family of Michael Gelfand, he was going to return the next day after completing his task, but when they couldn’t contact him for many days, they started to wonder if something had happened.

On January 11th, his family filed a missing report hoping for the best. They were taken by surprise when they discovered that his son was alive. All over New Orleans’, authorities had pasted posters of the businessman who was reported missing.

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