How Old Is Monkey Kaka? Family, YouTube Channel, Wiki, Bio

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Monkey Kaka is gaining popularity online for being a highly trained Southern pig-tailed macaque who can follow commands. Due to the interest in this smart monkey, people are searching for him. His YouTube channel started posting videos in May 2022 and quickly gained a large following due to his close relationship with his human family.

His videos show off his impressive abilities from riding a skateboard to solving puzzles. His playful personality and adorable antics have captivated audiences, making him a beloved online sensation.

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Raised by them since he was a baby, Monkey Kaka has shown off his talents and spell drawing in viewers from all over. He is a talented monkey who this family has raised since he was very young.

Monkey Kaka Age

Millions watch the channel’s Monkey Kaka videos daily after posting the first one a year ago. Many admirers are disappointed to find no Wikipedia page about him.

Monkey Kaka’s family celebrated her second birthday on June 20, 2023 although how they met him is unknown. Monkey Kaka has a sister named, Diem. Monkey Kaka is 4 years old, as of 2024.

Monkey Kaka YouTube Channel Net Worth

Monkey Kaka is a popular YouTube channel featuring a monkey helping bathe a baby who gained significant traction after a video was posted about a year ago on May 12, 2022.

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With nearly 1.7k videos on the channel and thousands of new subscribers daily, Monkey Kaka now boasts an impressive 796k subscribers. Each video receives thousands of views within hours of being uploaded, showcasing the channel’s growing popularity and unique content. The channel makes $80K to $450K every month. The channel covers hilarious, sad, and ordinary life. This makes it wildly popular, beyond expectations.

Monkey Kaka’s YouTube channel bio read as, “Welcome to Monkey KaKa Monkey KaKa Family have video for every day. If you like cute monkeys, click follow immediately. To get more videos update everyday please help to support us: Like Comment, Share, Subscribe Monkey KaKa Channel. Hope you visit next videos. I’m sure it will make you happy all day…”

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