Minji Net Worth In 2023: How Much She Earns From Her Concerts?

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Minji is a band member of NewJeans (뉴진스) and they released their debut single “Attention” on July 22, 2022, followed by their debut extended play, New Jeans, which was released on August 1, 2022. She comes to representative 4th generation Kpop artists. She is a South Korean singer under ADOR.


She is the NewJeans member with the highest brand reputation. She also serves as an ambassador for various companies including Nike, Smashbox Cosmetics, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Find out, what is the income of Minji, a popular musician and singer.

Is NewJeans Minji Rich?

NewJeans Minji debuted in August 2023 and has been dubbed “Nation’s First Love,” a title also bestowed upon other K-pop babes Bae Suzy and WJSN Bona. Many of NewJeans’ biggest singles include Super Shy, Ditto, ETA, Hype boy, Cookie.

She is an avid dancer in the group often displays sophisticated routines with nary a stumble. She comes from a wealthy family which is clearly seen in her upbringing and lifestyle choices. She was born in Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea with her older brother and a younger sister.


She comes from a wealthy family as she mentioned in many her interviews. She now attends the same high school as NMIXX members Sullyoon and Bae, Hanlim Arts High School.

What Is The Net Worth Of Minji?

Minji made a guest appearance on BTS’s “Permission to Dance”, on July 9, 2021. She debuted with the lead single “Attention”, in 2022. She graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts School, in Feb 2023.


She was selected as the face of the plus global audition (known as the girl), in 2019. In Jan 2023, she is a former Special MC for Music Bank. She worked as a composer and wrote the lyrics for NewJeans’ “Ditto”. Her net worth is estimated to be 1.5 million USD.

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How Much Minji Earns From Her Concerts?

As of 2023, Minji ticket prices range from 55,000 won to 99,000 won for one concert. In a year, she did this concert for 2-3 times.

So, her income from concert is estimated to be 165,000 South Korean won in a year. She became more confident and eventually fluent in english during her stay in Canada.


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