How Old Is Mila Marwah? Birthday, Wiki, Parents, Career, Trivia

Mila Marwah is a Canadian YouTuber and social media personality. She became famous on social media because she was born into a family that runs a popular YouTube channel ‘Anasala Family’. Her channel bio read as, ‘I’m 5❤️my account is managed by daddy and mommy❤️ @asala @anas @anazalafamily’.

The videos that her parents upload on the channel are watched by more than 14 million subscribers. In these videos, her parents often highlight various important moments and occasions in her life. She quickly gained a massive following of her own making her an internet sensation in her own right.

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Mila Marwah Wiki

Mila Marwah was born to mom Asala and father Anas. They created their YouTube channel on, 9 Jan 2021. She has a younger brother named Noah H Marwah. She is very close to her brother, ‘My photos became much sweeter with my little brother 🥰 What do you think ?? I love you so much and I am sure I am waiting for you to grow up a little so that we can play together ❤️❤️’.

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Her YouTube channel bio read as,

‘Screen Time is Family Time Again❤️. Our goal is to provide unique and family friendly content that allows people of all ages to sit down and enjoy together. In each episode we attempt to solve a problem, that not only we, but all families encounter in their everyday lives. Sometimes we succeed, and a lot of the time we really fail. But no matter the end result, we always learn a valuable life lesson from the journey we took to get there.

**** our intended audience are parents & young adults leading a similar lifestyle and facing the same problems!’

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How Old Is Mila Marwah?

Mila Marwah age is 5 years old, as of 2024. She was born on February 14, 2018 in Ottawa, Canada. She has also collaborated with Salish Matter in one of her YouTube videos. Her video titled, ‘Transforming My Daughter Into a Superhero!’ has amassed more than 23M views.

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