Melissa Elordi Wiki: Priscilla’s Actor Jacob Elordi Mom

Jacob Elordi often speaks fondly of his parents’ support and love they have always provided him. He shares a close relationship with his mom and dad. He portrayed Elvis Presley in the biopic Priscilla, in 2023.

Melissa Elordi Is A House Wife

Jacob Elordi‘s close relationship with his mother is obvious through the effort she made to spend as much time as possible with him during his upbringing. He shared with GQ about how Melissa would volunteer in the lunchroom, allowing her to be present and hang out with him while he enjoyed the packed lunch she had prepared for him.


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He expressed his praise and love for his mother, describing her as the most present, loving, and beautiful human being on this planet.

Who Is Melissa Elordi’s Husband?

Melissa Elordi is married with John Elordi. He is of Basque ethnic origin and Melissa is of English-Australian descent. John works as a house painter and spent 13 years constructing Jacob’s childhood.


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Melissa Elordi Loves Jacob On-Screen Personas

Melissa Elordi has also expressed her appreciation for Jacob’s on-screen personas. She has been in love with Jacob’s versality as an actor, from his breakout role as the brooding and enigmatic Nate in “Euphoria” to his endearing and loveable character in “The Kissing Booth” franchise.

She often gushes about his ability to fully personify each character. Elordi became a global brand ambassador for Swiss watch company TAG Heuer, in March 2023.

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