Meg Bellamy Birthday, Dating, Instagram, Height: Plays Kate Middleton In ‘The Crown’

Meg Bellamy portrays a young Kate Middleton in the final installment of “The Crown.” To prepare for the part, Bellamy devoured everything she could about Middleton’s time at the University of St. Andrews—but nothing more. “I always stopped reading after she left university,” she says. “Obviously, the way that I play her, she doesn’t know that she’s going to marry William.”

For the latest installment of LifeinLooks, Meg walks Vogue through some of Kate Middleton’s most memorable looks, including a few that were recreated for the show.


Before landing the role as one of the most recognizable faces in the world, 21-year-old English actress Kate Middleton never thought she bore a resemblance to Kate Middleton.


Meg Bellamy Height, Weight

How tall is Meg Bellamy? Her height is 5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm) and weight is 56 Kg.

Is Meg Bellamy Dating In Real Life?

No, Meg Bellamy is not dating in real life. She is single. She worked at the LEGO Land theme park near Windsor.

Meg Bellamy Age

How old is Meg Bellamy? She was born on 9 October 2002 in England. She was head girl at St Crispin’s School in Wokingham, Berkshire. She joined her co-stars Ed McVey and Luther Ford on 14 Dec 2023 in the show ‘This Morning’ as they discussed their roles in the hit series. Meg explained to Daily Mail.


“I was at Legoland Windsor when I got the call. I was playing a giant snake when I got the message. I had to run into a room and when I came back out the first person I spoke to was a customer who was like, “my queue skip card isn’t working” I was like “hang on a minute” because I thought I might pass out. We were babies we don’t really remember anything from the actual real life events of this series.”

Meg Bellamy Plays Kate Middleton In ‘The Crown’

Meg Bellamy rose from darkness to play Kate in the early years of her romance with Prince William during her time as a St Andrews student in the new Netflix drama series. After portraying the future Princess of Wales in The Crown, she has an own take on Kate Middleton.


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In the sixth and final season of the Netflix drama based on the life of the British royal family, she makes her acting debut. In an interview with People mag she said about her role,

“It’s not necessarily surprising what I learned about Kate because she didn’t grow up in this royal household. Her roots are roots that people can really connect to because she went to school and had a very supportive family and went to university. And I think that’s pretty traditional. I think that’s what people really love about her — is her kind of approachability and the way she connects with people,” the actress continued. “I think that makes sense in the research that I found about her childhood.”

Meet Meg Bellamy On Instagram

Meg Bellamy is on Instagram under user name, ‘megkbellamy‘. You can follow her Instagram page to keep yourselves updated from her upcoming project and life events.

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