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Maya Kowalski, who was 10 years old when she was taken into hospital by her parents back in 2016 was admitted to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. The Netflix documentary ‘Take Care of Maya’ has stunned viewers all around the globe which tells the story of Maya Kowalski and her family, who are still battling children’s healthcare providers in America. Maya was suffering with stomach pains, which were intensified by a previously diagnosed illness called complex regional pain syndrome (known as CRPS) which had successfully been treated with high doses of ketamine. Despite meeting with one of Maya’s regular CRPS doctor, who confirmed her diagnosis and the dose, doctors first “ignored” their request. She started complaining of extreme pain, blurred vision and a burning sensation in her feet, in May 2015.

Where She Is Now?

Maya Kowalski age is 18 years old. She currently resides with her father and brother. Her house in Venice, Florida. She still has CPRS, but can no longer be given ketamine due to a court order.

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Maya Kowalski Parents

Maya Kowalski was born in St Petersburg in Florida in 2006. Her mother Beata, a qualified nurse who was born in Poland but moved to America when she was a teenager. She studied ferociously at nursing school. Her father, Jack Kowalski, a firefighter. Her brother name is, Kyle.

Maya Kowalski Story

Maya Kowalski started feeling really sick, it was the time back of 2015. She was playing with her brother and had an asthma attack. She said she is not feeling good and having blurred vision and a burning sensation in her feet.

It got so bad she couldn’t walk. She even used to scream at night. Seeing all this, her parents took her to the hospital. They visited many doctors but most failed to identify the root of their daughter’s problems.

At last, Dr Anthony Kirkpatrick, an anesthesiologist and pharmacologist in Tampa who specializes in CRPS, eventually identified Maya with the unusual condition via the parents of another kid who suffered from chronic pain.

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He suggested a ketamine infusion treatment – as he’d used it successfully on many patients before Maya. In 2016, when Maya had a severe stomach pain, she rushed to hospital and there staff became suspicious that she be given a high volume of drugs.

She was hospitalized for more than three months and was not permitted to see her mother. Beata’s mental health declined and in January 2017 – after 87 days without her daughter – the 43-year-old hung herself at home. Maya was permitted to return home with her father five days after her mother died.

Maya told US magazine People, “One day I was in the ICU, and my mom kissed me on the forehead and was like, ‘I love you. I’ll see you tomorrow.’ I never saw her again, I was medically kidnapped. I tried being hopeful, but there was a point where I thought, ‘I’m never getting out of this place.”

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