Max Helm Parents: Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm

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According to UNL Max Helm parents are reported to be Melissa and Thomas Helm. Who are they? Following allegations of sexual assault against Max Helm, the UNL Fiji fraternity house is being investigated.

The fraternity club at the college has been shut down as well. ” The main culprit, Max, allegedly raped a girl and threw her outside the house.

Everything On Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm – Max Helm Parents

Melissa Helm and Thomas Helm are the parents of Max Helm, according to unconfirmed reports. Melissa and Thomas from Fiji Their son, Max, is a student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. However, Max has been charged with rape in recent days. On the Monday before classes began, a woman reported being sexually assaulted at around midnight in the Phi Gamma Delta house on UNL’s campus. At the same time, there was a chaotic Greek party going on across campus.

Around 10 p.m., a large group of protestors gathered around the fraternity party. A young lady was raped at the event, and they were demanding punishment for the accused perpetrator. Max Helm was later identified as the boy involved. He has been charged with raping and abusing a 17-year-old girl. Some people claim that he is the son of Melissa and Thomas. Netizens have also dug some details about them. But, the official reports are not out yet.

Who is Max Helm? The Alleged Sexual Assualt Case

Max Helm is reported to be a member of the FIJI fraternity chapter. Some viral photos show that he is also an ice hockey player. But, he is under serious criminal charges and rape allegations.

According to her testimony, Helm first sexually assaulted the girl before beating her up and throwing her out of the home. A young lady passing by happened upon her on the lawn in an unconscious condition, which was thankfully not far from home.

The victim eventually went to a hospital with the help of a passing girl. The protestors were condemned by the frat members, who instead of taking the matter seriously took a photograph of the demonstrators and laughed. The residence is already known for its abusive treatment of females.

Max has yet to come forward and speak about his supposed misdeeds. His Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter accounts have all been cleared of suspicion.

Fans Reaction on the Max Helm

The Max Helm sexual assault case has caused a tremendous amount of public outrage. Following the news, there have been a large number of justice tweets on social media. @emmyofthevalley is a user that has been actively discussing the situation on Twitter. She even started to end the Fiji frat’s membership permanently.

The UNL Police Department investigated the case and immediately shut down the Fiji fraternity house. All activities have been halted, and an investigation has been launched. The victim is now safe and being treated at a hospital, and the incident has focused attention on serious concerns regarding female security across the country.

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