Matthew Eappen Wiki, Bio, Siblings, Age, Height, Parents, Death

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The murder of 8-month-old Matthew Eappen was committed by his many names Louise Woodward. He died on February 10, 1997. After two years in prison, Louise Woodward was released. You knew all there is to know about Matthew Eappen’s parents. Matthew Eappen Wiki, Bio, Siblings, Age, Height, Parents, Death.

Matthew Eappen Death

On February 4, 1997, Matthew Eappen was injured when his caretaker, Louise Woodward, 19 years old at the time, threw him on a pile of towels. She lives in Elton in Cheshire. She has been charged with hitting him over the head with a shoe.

He was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage as a result of being hit and he stopped breathing; his caregiver called the ambulance on February 4th and he was taken to the life support machine where he died ten days later at the age of eight months old.

Following this, his caregiver was arrested and sentenced to life in prison, at which time she was released after two years. This case has been the subject of a documentary aired on Channel 4.

Matthew Eappen Parents

Matthew Eappen was born to his parents Sunil Eappen (Father) and Deborah Eappen (Mother). His father is an anesthetist whereas his mother is an ophthalmologist.

He was the eldest of three brothers, named Brendan, Elisabeth, and Kevin. His parents were first introduced to each other when they were students at the University of Michigan; they subsequently married in 1990.

Matthew Eappen Wiki, Bio, Age

His exact date of birth is uncertain. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. His real name was Matt Eappen. He was only 8 months old when he died, thus his educational information cannot be given.

Matthew Eappen Ethnicity, Nationality

Matthew Eappen‘s ethnicity was not known. Matthew Eappen held American Nationality.

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Matthew Eappen FAQs

Q.1 How did Matthew Eappen Die?

Ans. Matthew Eappen died because of a brain hemorrhage which was caused by his caretaker Louise Woodward.

Q.2 What was Matthew Eappen’s ethnicity?

Ans. Matthew Eappen’s ethnicity is not known. He held American nationality.

Q.3 Who were Matthew Eappen’s parents?

Ans. Matthew Eappen’s parents were Sunil Eappen (father) and Deborah Eappen (mother). His father was an anesthetist and his mother was an ophthalmologist.

Q3 What was the cause of death of Matthew Eappen?

Ans. The cause of death of Matthew Eappen was brain hemorrhage.

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