How Old Is Marlene Engelhorn? Instagram, Net Worth, Husband, Wikipedia

Marlene Engelhorn is the heir to a fortune and she’s calling for structural change in how the ultrarich are taxed. Her grandmother left her $27.4 million fortune, which she split among a citizens group to decide how to use it.

Traudl Engelhorn-Vechiatto, her grandmother, passed away in September 2022. She is descended from Friedrich Engelhorn, the founder of the pharmaceutical company BASF. Engelhorn feels that the inheritance tax should be reintroduced with greater taxes for the wealthy because she feels that taxing her inheritance is unfair. She said,

“I am the product of an unequal society. Because otherwise, I couldn’t be born into multimillions. Just born. Nothing else.”

Marlene Engelhorn Age

Marlene Engelhorn age is 30 years old, as of 2024. She was born in 1994. She grew up in Vienna, believes that philanthropy only perpetuates existing power dynamics. Her family, which made billions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, is no stranger to giving away huge sums.

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Marlene Engelhorn Height

Marlene Engelhorn’s height is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her body weight is about 63 Kg (138 lbs). She has short hair light brown eyes and has blonde hair.

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How Much Is The Net Worth Of Marlene Engelhorn?

Marlene Engelhorn co-founded a group called ‘Tax Me Now’ and has been campaigning for more than a year for tax policies that would redistribute the wealth of the rich.

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She is part of a growing movement of young leftist millionaires who say they want governments to take a much larger share of their inherited wealth. The family’s outstanding net worth was pegged at $4.2 billion by Forbes.

Is Marlene Engelhorn Married?

Marlene Engelhorn is unmarried, as of 2024. She prefer to keep her personal life private. She is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist and chooses not to let her personal life overshadow her professional achievements.

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