Who Is Mark Saginor: Everything We Know So Far

Dr. Mark Saginor is a well-known endocrinologist from Los Angeles, and many people are asking who Dr. Mark Saginor is, the Playboy Hugh Hefner’s personal physician. He is a highly respected endocrinologist who has been treating Hugh Hefner for many years. In fact, Dr. Saginor was the one who diagnosed Hugh Hefner with low testosterone levels and helped him to get on hormone therapy, which has greatly improved his quality of life.

Dr. Saginor is also an expert in sexual health and has helped many men overcome erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. He is a strong advocate of safe sex and has worked hard to promote sexual education and awareness.

Since Hugh Hefner died, people have been wondering whether or not Dr. Mark Saginor is still alive. So we’ve compiled all of the information about Is Mark Saginor Still Alive or Not here for you. Who Is Mark Saginor: Everything We Know So Far.

Meet Mark Saginor

Dr. Mark L. Saginor, a US physician born in 1952 in Los Angeles, California, is best recognized as Hefner’s personal doctor. Mark is a Los Angeles-based Endocrinologist who focuses on thyroid and diabetes issues. Dr. Fellgood is another name for him. He also starred in a Netflix documentary series called Secrets of Playboy with his daughter Jennifer Saginor.

Is Mark Saginor Still Alive?

Yes, Mark Saginor is still living. He has now aged 70 years since he was born in 1952. He has worked as an Endocrinologist in Los Angeles for many years and was also the personal physician of Hugh Hefner over the course of his career.

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Mark Saginor Age

Mark Saginor was born in Los Angeles, California, United States on May 5, 1952. Dr. Mark Sircus is a well-known endocrinologist in Los Angeles. He had previously worked as Hugh Hefner’s doctor and provided health care to Hefner’s inner circle at Playboy.

Mark Saginor Wife

Mark is married with his loving wife named, Susan B. Krevoy. The pair had no particular wedding date, but they did have two daughters. Jennifer Saginor was one of those daughters. When their daughter was just six years old, the relationship between Mark and his partners deteriorated.

Mark Saginor DaughterMark has a daughter whose name is Jennifer Saginor. She was born in 1988. Her father’s profession and his connection to Hugh Hefner made her somewhat of a public figure, especially after she appeared in a documentary series called Secrets of Playboy.

After the split, Mark and his children moved into the Playboy Mansion. Hufner’s youngster was exposed to adult gatherings as Mark’s doctor.

Mark Saginor Net Worth

Mark Saginor’s net worth is believed to be $1 million. Endocrinologist doctor Mark Saginor’s livelihood comes from his profession. As of 2022, her daughter’s net worth is expected to be between $500,000 and $1 millon.

Is Mark Saginor Alive In 2022?

Mark Saginor has gained a great deal of interest from a lot of people. Many individuals, on the other hand, are concerned about his real condition. His employees, on the other hand, haven’t stated anything incorrect about his 2022 health replacement.

Furthermore, many individuals have been attempting to locate him recently. At the moment, he appears to be located in Los Angeles, California. Because of a lack of up-to-date information, it’s been difficult to track his actions.

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