Who Is Jon Beauchamp, MarJon Beauchamp’s Father?

Jon Beauchamp played college basketball for Eastern Washington and Highline College. Jon is a former radio personality and works in customer relations in Bellevue, Washington. Beauchamp is of Native American descent, from the Mission Indians and La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians. He is the grandson of Henry Beauchamp, the first African American mayor of Yakima. Moreover, he is best known as the father of MarJon Beauchamp. Who Is Jon Beauchamp, MarJon Beauchamp’s Father?

Jon Beauchamp: MarJon Beauchamp’s Father

Jon Beauchamp is best known as the father of MarJon Beauchamp, who is very supportive towards his son’s career as a basketball player. Jon has been married to Marjon’s mother for over 20 years and the couple have three children together.

Jon is a successful businessman and owns his own marketing company. He is also an avid sports fan and enjoys attending Marjon’s basketball games.

Jon is a loving and supportive father who is proud of his son’s achievements. He is always there for Marjon, offering advice and guidance when needed. Jon is truly an amazing father and role model.

Who Is Denise Pleasant: MarJon Beauchamp’s Mother

Following in his father’s footsteps, the young NBA star is pursuing a professional basketball career. His father, Jon Pleasant, was a former collegiate basketball player who played for Eastern Washington and Highline College. Mr. Jonathan previously worked at a radio station before becoming a customer-service representative in Bellevue, Washington.


Marjon’s family resides in Washington state and is a basketball enthusiast. Marjon’s father manages his AAU team, and his mother regularly travels to watch him play. They are both encouraging of his goal of playing in the NBA one day.

Marjon is a talented player with a bright future ahead of him. He has worked hard to get where he is today, and we are sure that he will continue to excel in whatever he sets his mind to. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this young star. Last year, the introverted 6-foot-7 shooting guard went to Prestige Motors to commemorate the start of his professional career with around 50 friends and relatives.

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Jon Beauchamp Ethnicity Explored

Jon Beauchamp is of Native American descent, as indicated by his name. His ancestors were members of the Mission Indians and the La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians.

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