Is Manifest Season 4 Coming Back

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Manifest TV Series was cancelled by the NBC. Moreover, the series was a huge success in the last month. The news that the NBC show Manifest had been cancelled and would not be renewed by Netflix brought about a sea of fans calling for a fourth season, and it seems to have paid off.

The first two seasons debuted on Netflix and kept the series in the Top 10, and the peak of the ranking, for a near-record breaking tenure. We are still waiting for Manifest season 3 on Netflix.

The series was cancelled, but it has seen a renewed fan support. New Manifesters joined Flight 828 to help #SaveManifest. We hope that Manifest season 3 will continue to draw in as much fan support as possible.

Netflix subscribers still want to see Manifest season 3, but they may have to wait a while longer to catch the final season. How long will we have to wait before the third season arrives?

Unfortunately, Netflix announced its complete list of new release movies and shows for August, and the cult favorite missing plane drama wasn’t among them.

Moreover, Fans are hopeful that the show will return with a new season after topping the Netflix Top 10 charts.

Manifest Season 4 Initial cancellation

Manifest news emerged in June 2021 that would not be continued, having not long aired season three on NBC, with the third season set to arrive on Netflix up to 12 months later.

Such was the groundswell of support that Netflix are keen to make season four, even if an agreement cannot be reached with NBC. It goes to show that the #SaveManifest fan campaign paid dividends in the end. The show’s creator, Jeff Rake, had a message for the Manifest fans, too.

Manifest Season 4 Latest News

  • For the past few weeks, Manifest by American NBC has been the talk of the town.
  • NBC cancelled the show despite it being viewed a lot. Since its release on Netflix, the show has been trending in the US on Netflix.
  • Fans are hopeful that the show will return with a new season after topping the Netflix Top 10 charts.
  • Stars of Manifest are Melissa Roxburgh and JR Ramirez as well as Messina, Parveen Kalur, Parveen Kaur and Matt Long.

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All you need to know about Manifest Season 4

NBC’s supernatural drama series Manifest is created by Warner Bros. NBC cancelled the show after it saw a steady decline in ratings since its debut season.

A report on Deadline claims that Netflix, NBC, and the producers of the show are in talks about the possibility of bringing back the gang for a new season. There have been several occasions when NBC has reversed its decision. The network also brought back another season of Timeless. Netflix also revived NBC’s Lucifer, which was canceled by NBC. FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine was saved by NBC on the fans’ request. There are high chances the show will make a comeback.

What is the release date of Manifest Season 4

According to sources, there has not been an official announcement about Season 4 release date. Fans believe there is a chance that Season 4 will be a big success after the sci-fi series topped Netflix’s charts.

Manifest Season 3 Latest News

TV Series Manifest Season 3’s finale episode casts includes :

  • Michaela, a police officers, saving Angelina, a Flight 828 passenger
  • Angelina was kept inside her home by her religious and protective parents
  • Moreover, Angelina was saved by a group doomsday preppers who believed Ben was the forerunner to the end of the world.

Season 3 finale saw Angelina kidnap Grace and Ben’s daughter Eden. She believed that Eden was her guardian angel. She then stabbed Grace and fled with her baby. Grace was murdered by Flight 828 survivors in Season 3.

Other web series, like Manifest

While you wait for Manifest Season 4, there are other interesting series that you can catch up in your holidays. Check it out :

  • Travelers
  • Into the Night
  • Debris
  • The OA
  • Lost
  • The Returned
  • The 4400

Manifest Trailer

Manifest has been among the most watched shows on Netflix in the US in the last month, having been No.1 for quite a few weeks, and despite its slight drop down the charts that has not stopped fans from demanding another season of the show.

The first time we told you about this show, it seemed like a dream come true. We caught up with one of The Walking Dead’s biggest stars and he was doing an awesome superhero TV show!

The only problem was that the show wasn’t airing… yet. It was supposed to come out last summer but Fox pulled the plug after just two episodes had aired.

What were they thinking?! Why would you give up on such a great series? Okay, so apparently there were some production issues that needed to be worked out but it still took almost 9 months to get those sorted and isn’t Manifest worth all of that?

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any updates since we told you about Manifest coming back for season 4 earlier this year.


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