Is Lux Pascal Transgender | Pedro Pascal’s Sister

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Lux Pascal Chilean actress and transgender activist who studied theater at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2010. She began studying theater at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and is pursuing her MFA in acting at the Juilliard School and is expected to graduate, in 2023. She made her stage debut in Pablo Rotemberg’s play La noche obstinada, during her fourth year of studying theater, in 2014.

Is Lux Pascal Transgender?

Lux Pascal publicly announced that she is a transgender woman, in Feb 2021. She announced the news in a heartfelt interview with Ya magazine, where she confirmed that in July of last year she began hormone replacement treatment to start her transition. She changed her name to reflect her maternal surname. Since 2011, she has been in a relationship with actor José Antonio Raffo. SHE SAID,

“I had already been talking about it with my entire family, little by little, like coming out of the closet a little as non-binary during a period of my life of about three years. But now it was much more, I can finally say that I am a woman. I feel that it is much easier for me to also move in the world as a woman. But I continue to advocate for non-binary identities to have a space”

Her brother, Pedro Pascal is an advocate of LGBTQ+ rights and was supportive of his sister Lux Pascal when she came out as transgender. Lux said, “He has been an important part of this. He is also an artist and has been a guide. He was one of the first to give me the things that formed my identity.”


He asked me how I felt after I told him about my transition via FaceTime… because he was concerned about it, ‘Yeah, but are you sure?’ he said. We Balmacedas always have serious conversations, you have to make all decisions very carefully. So I told him: ‘I’m happy’. And his response was: ‘Perfect, it’s incredible.’ We both laughed’.

Pedro Pascal identifies as an agnostic and a progressive liberal. As a candidate for the Chilean presidency in 2021, he supported leftist Gabriel Boric.


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Who Is Lux Pascal?

Lux Pascal was born on 4 June 1992 in Orange County, California, U.S. She is 30 years old, as of 2023. She attended Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (BA) and Juilliard School (MFA). She appeared in an international series for the first time, playing the role of Elijah in the third season of the Netflix series Narcos, alongside her brother Pedro, in 2017.


She participated in three Chilean film productions: No quiero ser tu hermano, in 2019. She also works in theater like La noche obstinada, Tebas Land and Kassandra.

In an interview she asked, “Do you plan to follow in your brother’s footsteps? I am happy with the work I am doing. At the moment, I don’t think it’s appropriate to leave the country to try. I feel that I have a kind of voice here, I have friends who like what I do… who like what they do… and to detach myself from that, to cut the umbilical cord ‘of one’, is painful and reckless, because here I have many things left to do.”

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