How Old Is Gladiators star Diamond? All about Livi Sheldon

Livi Sheldon is a bodybuilder and gymnast who is due to make a name for herself as she joins the new series of Gladiators. She is making an appearance as Diamond and is definitely prepared to show off her skills, but who is she?

Livi Sheldon Age

Livi Sheldon age is 29 years old, as in 2024. She was born in 1995. She did her graduation in Sports Science. When she was six years old, she began participating in sports by joining a boys’ football team.

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As time went on, she switched to playing for a girls’ team and even became their captain for several years. She also played for Worcester City Ladies team. She believes in, ‘Your potential is limitless, and so is your ability to change.

Step into the unknown, break free from comfort zones, and let the magic happen. Use your courage and determination & watch yourself transform into the best version of YOU 💎.’

Livi Sheldon Wiki

Livi Sheldon is the newest member of the rebooted Gladiators who amazes everyone with her incredible strength as she faces different challenges. Get ready to witness her superhuman abilities in action!

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After casting in the reality show Gladiators, she shares her feeling and wrote, ‘A dream come true! Becoming a gladiator! 💎 @diamondthegladiator @bbcgladiators. If there was an opportunity I could wish for this would be it! This truly is the biggest thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t wait to get in the arena! I’ve been training for duel since I was 9 years old! Where are all my Diamonds? 💎😍’

How Tall Is Livi Sheldon?

Livi Sheldon height is 6ft tall and body weight is about 69 Kg (152 lbs). She has spoken openly about her height struggles. She said, ‘When I was growing up I used to get picked on for being taller than everyone else.’

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Lesser Known Facts About Livi Sheldon

  • Livi Sheldon can touch her nose with her tongue.
  • She competed in county athletics, specifically high jump.
  • Her favourite chocolate is Terry’s chocolate orange.
  • When Livi Sheldon was younger, she would live in baggy jeans, huge tomboy over.
  • She don’t think she wore a dress out of choice until her high school years.
  • Her favourite animal apart from her dogs are giraffe’s as Livi found giraffes are so elegant and strong.
  • She love to get dressed up and do gym.
  • She can Ski but not snowboard.
  • She decided recently to watch Game of Thrones.

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