Who Are Lewis Hamilton’s Parents: What We Know

Lewis Hamilton has announced that he is changing his surname to include his mother’s maiden name. British F1 star doesn’t ‘fully understand whole idea that when people get married the woman loses her name’. He said that he intends to incorporate his mother Carmen’s maiden name Larbalestier alongside Hamilton.

In November 2020, Hamilton shared a gushing tribute to Carmen on her birthday, posting a slew of photos with her over the years. He wrote: ‘I want to take a moment to celebrate my mum today. Since the day you brought me into this world you showered me with love, showed me the importance of empathy, compassion and caring for others. Who Are Lewis Hamilton’s Parents: What We Know.

Lewis Hamilton’s Parents

Born Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, the 37-year-old driving ace grew up in the Hertfordshire town of Stevenage to parents Anthony and Carmen.

After Hamilton’s parents split when he aged two, he was raised by his mother until aged 12, when he moved to live with his father Anthony, stepmother Linda and half-brother Nicolas.

Anthony Hamilton is widely credited with having gotten the young Lewis into racing when he bought him remote-controlled car when he was seven, and his first go-kart the following Christmas.

Lewis Hamilton, a British F1 racing driver, has announced that he will take his mother’s maiden name as part of his surname because he doesn’t “really fully grasp the concept that when people get married, the woman loses her name.”

Rodger is looking to include his mother Carmen’s maiden name of Larbalestier into his last name so that the family name may continue.

Is Lewis Hamilton Changing His Surname?

Speaking ahead of the new Formula One season which starts in Bahrain on Sunday, he said: ‘It would mean the world to my family [to win an eighth title]. It would mean a lot to me knowing that, for example, I’m really proud of my family’s name: Hamilton. Actually none of you might know that my mum’s [sur]name is Larbalestier. And I’m just about to put that in my name.

‘Because I don’t really fully understand the whole idea of why, when people get married, the woman loses her name. I really want her name to continue on with the Hamilton name.’

Asked whether it would be in time for this weekend, Hamilton added. ‘It will be soon. No, I don’t know if it will be this weekend. But we’re working on it.’

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Lewis Hamilton Career Explored

Hamilton quickly began winning races and cadet class championships and became the youngest driver to win the British cadet karting championship at the age of 10.

Hamilton described Carmen as ‘the most amazing woman in the world’ in 2015 when he organised a surprise 60th birthday party for her in London, with special guest and performer Jessie J.

Anthony was Lewis’s manager throughout his racing career until 2010, when he was ruthlessly sacked. Two weeks before the F1 season started, Hamilton downplayed the development, announcing: ‘Dad will miss being here, but it was me who initiated the break. He’s got other things to focus on, and I don’t want my dad being my manager anymore.’

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