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Leah Croucher was a missing teenager who was last seen on CCTV down Buzzacott Lane in Furzton walking to work in Milton Keynes on the morning of February 15, 2019 before she ‘effectively vanished into thin air’. She did not arrive at her workplace and her parents Claire and John reported her missing after she failed to return home. Detectives have sealed off house in Furzton, Milton Keynes – just a short distance from Furzton Lakes where Leah was last seen as she walked to work. The last activity on her phone was just after 8.30am that day.

Leah Croucher Age At The Time Of Missing

Moreover, Leah Croucher 19 years old at the time of her disappearance, was reported missing from Emerson Valley, Milton Keynes by her family on 15th February 2019. They last saw her at 10pm the day before, 14 February, St Valentine’s Day. Pictured: The last known sighting of Leah on February 15.

Leah Croucher Brother Death

Leah had siblings as well. Her brother Haydon 24, with whom she was very close. He was found hanged at his home on November 14, 2019, nine months after she disappeared, and died in hospital two days later. An inquest later heard he struggled to cope after his sister’s disappearance.

Haydon Croucher was found hanging in his flat in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, nine months after Leah disappeared. He was rushed to hospital where he died two days later.


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Leah Croucher Family

Leah Croucher’s mother name is Claire and father named, John Croucher. Since vanishing, Leah’s frantic parents and elder sister Jade have done everything they can to keep her in the public eye while also increasing the campaign to locate her. Tragically, nine months after she went missing, Leah’s brother Hayden Croucher, 24, was discovered by his mother and sister Jade hanged at his flat and later died in hospital -landing the family a further blow. An inquest heard he struggled to cope following her disappearance.

Leah’s mother previously said her disappearance had ‘destroyed’ their family, adding that if she had been abducted or killed they would hold the culprit responsible for Haydon’s death as well. ‘He obviously, as everybody knows, he couldn’t cope, he found it very difficult,’ she said.

Leah’s family is being kept up to date on what is happening with the investigation. We are asking the public and media to not talk about the case until more is known. In February, Leah’s family issued an emotional statement to mark the third anniversary of her disappearance.

Leah’s family said each day ‘feels like an eternity of pain and despair’, but said they remained hopeful she would one day be found.

‘It is harder each day to tell ourselves that today will be the day that we get answers, today we find out what happened three years ago,’ her parents John and Claire Croucher said.

‘It is unimaginable to convince ourselves that this is not a lie we tell ourselves so that we get out of bed each day. Each day is torture.

‘It is inconceivable not to worry every second of every single day. Sleep feels an elusive character each night, waking each morning we never feel rested and refreshed.

‘Each time the phone rings or there is a knock at the front door, our hearts still leap in our chests.

‘That familiar surge of hope springing up in our throats. That familiar wave of despair that crashes over our very souls each time.

‘It is not the police or Leah herself knocking at the door or calling on the phone.

‘Again, we ask for the public’s help. You have all been so wonderful so far, still helping us search every face in the streets to see if they are Leah, still sharing on social media, still reporting possible sightings to the police.’

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