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Is Laura Marano Italian? Ethnicity of The Royal Treatment actor explored

In the forthcoming Netflix rom-com The Royal Treatment, Laura Marano will be playing opposite Mena Massoud. Marano collaborated on the film with her sisters Ellen and Vanessa Marano, and it premiered on Netflix January 20th, 2022. Since watching the movie, fans have wondered whether or not Marano is Italian, so let’s find out if she’s ethnically Italian.

Following Marano and her flame in the film Massoud, 30, The Royal Treatment continues their story. Thomas is a royal who is getting ready for his arranged marriage in the romantic drama. Fans have been wondering whether Marano is of Italian ancestry after viewing the romantic film. So let’s look into The Royal Treatment actress’ family history to find out her ethnicity.

Is Laura Marano Italian?

Yes, Laura Marano’s father is Italian. Damiano Marano is the younger daughter of a college professor, and Ellen Marano was a former actress. Her mother runs the Agoura Children’s Theatre, which may have gotten her into acting at an early age.

Fans will undoubtedly recall Laura Marano’s Italian accent from the episode “Ally and Best Buds.” It is probable that she is excellent at the accent, as she lives with several Italian family members.

Who is Laura Marano?

Marano is a 26-year-old actress who was born in Los Angeles, California on November 29, 1995. Her fans may be familiar with her from her Disney Channel breakthrough role in Austin & Ally. Laura played Ally Dawson on the series from 2011 to 2016.

She’s appeared in films such as The Perfect Date since then. Celia Lieberman falls for Brooks Rattigan (Noah Centineo) after he pays to take her on a date in this movie, which is directed by Elizabeth Banks and co-stars Richard Jenkins and Dan Tran.

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Marano has also made a name for herself in music. She signed with Warner Bros one year after releasing her debut single, “Boombox,” and debuted as an independent artist in 2016. Laura, on the other hand, has opted to go it alone as a musician. In 2020, she re-emerged with a new song called “When You Wake Up” and followed it up with an EP titled YOU in August of that year.

Did Marano go to University?

Yes, in 2015, Marano attended the University of Southern California, where she studied Philosophy, Politics and Law. Even when she was on Austin & Ally, Marano never did school on set. Marano’s work ethic has continued to shine since her acting career began.

Laura Marano began her acting career at the age of 5, when she and her older sister, Vanessa, wanted to get into the professional business. Her mother knew how difficult it was in the acting business, so they went to an elite talent agent called Abrams Talent Agency in the hopes of being turned down. However, both Laura and Vanessa were signed by the agency, launching them into their acting professions.

The Royal Treatment actor explored

The plot follows salon owner Isabella and Prince Thomas (played by Mena Massoud), who is about to get married through an arranged marriage.

Marano is a New York hairstylist who is doing the royal wedding couple’s hair and makeup. Sparks begin to fly when Isabella has the chance to do the Prince’s hair. At his own wedding, will Prince Thomas discover a new lover?

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